Easter Retreat


Map of Cougal, NSW
6 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW, 2474, Australia
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Thursday, 5 Apr 2012 to Monday, 9 Apr 2012
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he meditation practice and teachings will be lead by one of Australia

most qualified Insight meditation teacher Geoff Simpson. Geoff is a

member of the Insight Teachers Circle Australia

and for many years has worked as a doctor in mental health. He is

extremely qualified to support new students into meditation with safe


Tam James is a senior physiotherapist (MAPA) and senior

yoga teacher with Yoga Australia. She has in excess of 15 yrs

experience sharing yoga as a therapy and stronger practices to more

experienced students. Beginner's yoga classes will also be offered with

Kate Fallick from Earth Awakening, who has completed extensive teacher trainings

with Kate Pell and at yogaphysio.

Tam will support Geoff in leading some meditation and contribute the

multi-level yoga practices each day. If required assistance may be

solicited by other teachers at yogaphysio. You can feel sure that your

needs will be met - you are in good and safe hands - mind and body.

Vipassana means ‘insight’ in Pali (the ancient Indian language used to transmit

the Buddha’s teachings). Insight refers to the direct seeing into our

truths – those abiding revelations that help us change our life to live

engaged with our deeper values. Insight, or Vipassana meditation is not

simply a system or a technique. It is also the direct opening into the

deeper truths of life. Support for this opening may be cultivated in

meditation through training the mind in calmness, mindfulness and


The style of meditation practice during this retreat is

in the lay Insight Meditation tradition - drawing on the practicality of

teachings in a contemporary life. These teachings are noted for an

emphasis on direct experience in the spirit of the Buddha’s original

teachings. People of all faiths including Christian, Atheist and

Rationalist have benefited from this style of meditation and the

teachings of the Buddha on compassion and wisdom. Formal meditation can

be practiced in any of the four traditional postures of sitting

(including in a chair), standing, walking or lying. To facilitate an

easeful practice and support going deeper, periods of sitting or lying

meditation will alternate with walking meditation or yoga.

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice. The yoga postures or asana are a

skillful means of awakening the body and mind. Two yoga sessions will be

offered in each full day. There will be an optional gentle multi-level

practice each morning and students can decide to attend a beginner level

class with Kate or a stronger experienced level class with Tam in the afternoon.


Included for $375+

Our beautiful venue is Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat

in Cougal, near the Border Ranges. The retreat cost is $375 in

dormitory accomodation (up to 8 beds in a room or camping. There are a

limited number of single and twin rooms which shared bathroom

facilities. These are available at additional cost - $75 single

supplement or $45 twin supplement for the 4 days). If you wish to hire

bed linen, it's an additional $12, otherwise BYO. The retreat fee covers

meals and accommodation only. You are invited to give teachers a

donation for their contribution.