Yoga Synergy - Australia's best kept secret!
Yoga Synergy - Australia's best kept secret!


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Monday, 1 Feb 2016 to Sunday, 3 Apr 2016
$25 - 2 weeks unlimited yoga
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Yoga Synergy offers a practice that is safe for the modern body across all levels of fitness. It’s suitable for those who have not tried yoga before or have injuries, but is also challenging for those more familiar with a regular physical practice such as professional dancers, elite athletes and advanced yoga practitioners. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether - these 5 dynamic sequences of yoga postures taught in the Yoga Synergy method, have been specially designed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, who are both experienced yoga teachers and qualified physiotherapists. Our newly qualified Teacher Trainees (200h Yoga Alliance certificate) start by teaching the basic sequence: Yoga Synergy Fundamentals sequence. The 500h Yoga Synergy Teacher Training certificate enables teachers to teach the 5 Element sequence as taught in Sydney, Australia.

Learn progressively, be responsive

In the Yoga Synergy method, each of the 6 different sequence are taught progressively in all classes over a 9 week period. For example, in the colder months you’ll practice the Fire sequence with its dynamic, energizing postures that will warm your joints and muscles. And every class concludes with meditation exercises to leave you feeling completely calm and relaxed.

All students are encouraged to understand the simple versions of the postures before attempting the more complex versions. When doing regular practice it’s important to respond to your body “in the present moment” and not be attached to where you want to be in the future or where you perhaps were in the past. By working like this, you’ll be able to generate energy, by working in an appropriate manner at all times to create a meditative flow practice.

All 6 sequences can be practiced using this responsive practice philosophy at any time of year in any physical state, to balance your energy.

2015 Sydney sequence dates are as follows: Earth 1 Feb, Water 5 Apr, Fire 7 Jun, Air 9 Aug, Ether 11 Oct. 

Develop your own practice

By coming regularly, you’ll have the opportunity to learn each of Yoga Synergy’s five sequences and develop your own practice. That means you’ll be able to practice safely and independently at home. To help you remember the practice, we have many DVD's available, or just come along regularly and you'll soon be on your way to self practice.

The Yoga Synergy style is a technique/philosophy of practice that can be applied to any style of yoga. All yoga practice should be done with the intention to energize the body while calming the mind.

About the 5 elements

The Yoga Synergy sequences were named in honour of the pancha mahabhuta (5 Great Elements) of Hinduism and Aryuveda that are believed to make up all of creation, including the human body - which, upon death, dissolves into these five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature set in motion by the creative force of the universe.

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Included for $25 - 2 weeks unlimited yoga

Come and learn our Yoga Synergy style created by renowned yogi's and physiotherapists - Simon Borg Olivier & Bianca Machliss. Safe, fun, transformative and meditative!

5 Sequences taught throughout the year for 9 weeks each: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether



*Offer only available once per person to new students call the office (02) 9389 7399 for more information or simply come along to class and sign up 10-15 minutes before start time.