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Saturday, 11 May 2013
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Holistic Health Workshops: Diet, Rest, Movement & Happiness.



Do you want to:
- Be able to manage your stress levels better?
- Lose weight?
- Wake up and spend your day feeling refreshed, energized and happy to be doing what you are doing?
- Slow the signs of ageing and see your skin texture improve dramatically?
- Realise your life's purpose and start living towards your dream?

Excess stress is the number one cause of modern disease, premature ageing and loss of energy. Most of us have come to accept our level of stress as a fact of life, when it may be at the root of your problems.
In this series of 4 workshops, we will learn about your 4 doctors © Paul Chek: Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, Dr Movement and Dr Happiness. In consulting your 4 doctors, you will learn how manage your stress to achieve a happier and less stressful life, just by using your own body signals. Each workshop will be 2 hours in length, and will also include a short yoga class.


Workshop 1: Sat 25th May 11am-1pm

Dr Diet. A pre-workshop questionnaire will determine your individual nutritional needs, then during the workshop you will learn which foods favour your body type. You will also learn how to listen to your own body signals to be able to design the diet which works best for you personally.

Workshop 2: Sat 22nd June 11am-1pm

Dr Quiet. In this workshop we will learn how to consult Dr Quiet to ensure you are allowing your body adequate rest to maintain optimum health. We will learn strategies to implement this doctor, reducing stress in your daily life.

Workshop 3: Sat 20th July 11am-1pm

Dr Movement. A healthy body is a body that moves, and a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Learn how to breathe properly and move effectively to manage stress.

Workshop 4: Sat 17th Aug 11am-1pm

Dr Happiness. A life spent in accordance with your values and goals is a life less stressful. A day of uncovering values, goals and strategies to get you on your path towards living your dream life; personally and professionally.

Ongoing: Jacqui will be available for ongoing support in implementing your new personalised health plan.

COST- $35 each ($30 for Members) OR $100 for ALL





Included for from $25

$35 per workshop ($30 for members) 

OR $100 for ALL FOUR workshops