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Monday, 18 Feb 2013 to Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013

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4 Week Program with Michele Scott

This 4-week program for Tweens (9-12) and Teens (13-17) takes them on a journey of personal development and aims to deliver life coping, life improvement and life direction tools. 

If your Tween or Teen is struggling with bullying, anxiety, depression or having difficulty adjusting to changes in the home or at school, this personal development program will empower, inspire and offer practical remedies and solutions to help them travel better in life.

Course outline as follows:

Session 1

My Thoughts

In this session Tweens and Teens are introduced to the art of positive thinking through self talk, affirmations and perspective taking.

Relaxation Exercise - Butterfly Breathing and Rise & Fall of the Breath

Interactive Activity - Changing Perspective Changes Everything

Creative Visualization - My Favourite Space

Session 2 

My Feelings

In this session Tweens and Teens explore unhappy emotions and learn how to define, discuss, let go and/or turn these feelings around.

Relaxation Exercise - Tall Mountain/Droopy Mountain & Rag Doll

Interactive Activity - Life is Garbage versus Life is Wonderful

Creative Visualization - Balloon Feelings Up, Up & Away

Session 3

My Body

In this session we begin laying the building blocks of positive body image and healthy self esteem.

Relaxation Exercise - Breathing Through Cat Pose

Interactive Activity - Super Self & Mirror Technique

Creative Visualization - Self Appreciation Meditation

Session 4

My Actions

In this session we discuss choices and consequences and aim to initiate reflection, contemplation and taking responsibility for our actions with Tweens and Teens.

Relaxation Exercise - Breathing & Counting, 1, 2, 3, 4

Interactive Activity - Tree of Choices & Consequences

Creative Visualization - Frame the Problem, Imagine Ideal Outcome.


Tweens (9-12):  Mondays, 4.00-5.00pm (18/2, 25/2, 4/3 and 11/3)

Teens (13-17): Tuesdays, 4.00-5.00pm (19/2, 26/2, 5/3 and 12/3)

COST: $80 per person. Bookings confirmed upon payment. Places are limited.

TO BOOK: e-mail Andi: or call 0435 770 395