Reclaiming Your Core: Yoga Workshop
Reclaiming Your Core: Yoga Workshop


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8 Corsair St, Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia
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Friday, 19 Feb 2016
9am - 12noon
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Saturday 20 February   9am - 12.15pm   

$40  Suitable for all  Bookings Required  

Whether we spend days sitting at a desk job or car, or we are flexible with little strength, with a baby or young children, an athlete etc etc ... this workshop aims to show you ways how to counteract the unbalanced ways of modern life by carefully structured comprehensive strengthening and stretching exercises, that work together, creating strong, limber body and a focused mind. 
You will learn 
> what is and how to engage and work with your core. 
> the signs of existing postural / muscle imbalances 
> specific exercises for correcting them
Enjoy an improved posture, feel more aligned and together, breathe deeper, have a healthier blood circulation, greater energy, stamina and vigor as well as a friendly sociable frame of mind. 

Included for $40

theory & practice