Yoga in Daily Life: H A P P Y  H I P S Focus Class
Yoga in Daily Life: H A P P Y H I P S Focus Class


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8 Corsair St, Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia
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Friday, 24 Jun 2016
9 - 10.30am
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Focus Class: H A P P Y   H I P S

Yoga in Daily Life Workshop
Saturday 25 June   9 - 10.30am   $20
Does it feel like your hips will never open up or that you can't figure out how to be in more advanced poses? If so, this class is for you. Hips and lower backs are usually stiff for one of two reasons: either too much sitting or too much exercise. Either way, yoga can help as long as we're practicing with correct alignments. 
This class will take you through a sequence which will help you learn how to undo years of stiffening patterns in your hips and lower back muscles. As a result your you will feel greater comfort and freedom in your activities and you will soon be doing poses you never thought were possible.

At our Richmond centre    Bookings Required 9427 0977

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