Chakras and Kundalini Weekend


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Friday, 19 Jul 2013
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There are 72000 Nadis or energy flows throughout our body and

out of them three are most important: Ida (flowing left side of the

spinal column), Pingala (flowing right side of the spinal column) and

Shushumna (central nadi, flowing inside of spinal column).

When Ida and Pingala are in balanc, Shushumna opens and Kundalini

Shakti, the mighty energy raises throught our chakras from bottom


Where the Nadis cross each other, the energy flows in circle and

where the biggest Nadies, Ida and Pingala crosses, that circles are the

main eight chakras or inner power centres in the human body, situated

along the spinal column.

Through yoga practices we are able to awaken them, and with the help

of the dormant energies locked within them we are able to achieve and

fulfil the ultimate wish of every human: a powerful existence living in

peace, harmony and happiness. Through this power centres we get in touch

with the spiritual powers in the Universe and recognise our original

nature, our true self.

During the course we will go into detail about the eight main Chakras

with techniques to purify and awakened. “It is a path that calls for

discipline and work on one’s self” It is only when we have learned to

master ourselves that we are capable of influencing our destiny.


Fri. 7-9pm

Sat. 9am-5pm

Sun. 10am-1pm

Included for $240

$240 Fri-Sun. inc lunch