Back Bend Dynamics


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Saturday, 21 Feb 2015

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Learn techniques to relieve pain and tension from the front line of the body for an open chest and a supple spine!


In this workshop you will learn a series of simple movements and breathing techniques to break down the stiffness and tension in the front of the body. This gives the space and freedom for the deeper tensions and bracing in the back muscles and spinal column. 


When the whole length of the spine is elastic and supple the lower back, neck and kidneys receive a rich supply of blood and the thoracic spine is relieved of bracing tension. This in turn facilitates better circulation in the abdominal region and the heart and lungs.


Everyone welcome!

Prahlad Duncan Ewing has been practicing and teaching yoga for 30 years. With great enthusiasm Duncan has successfully guided hundreds of students past their limitations of stiffness and tightness to a newfound freedom of strength and lightness.