Fendenkrais Workshop with David Hall
Fendenkrais Workshop with David Hall


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Level 1, 2 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103, Australia
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Saturday, 24 Oct 2015 to Saturday, 31 Oct 2015
1.00 - 5.00 pm

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A two part Feldenkrais workshop series with David Hall

Feldenkrais technique has proved to be of great benefit for:

Movement difficulties
Repetitive Strain Injuries
TMJ and Migraines
Stress Relif
Fibromyalgia /Insomnia
Athletic and Artistic Performance

“Arthritis in my hip nearly ended my career. Feldenkrais taught me how to reduce my pain and play even better than before. Life without Feldenkrais is not living.” Gloria Carter, Over 55 National Tennis Champion

David will present a sequence of movements you discovered and refined as a child that enabled you to develop from a completley dependant infant to a toddler who could stand and explore unassisted. It was a process that also developed a blueprint for how you move and organize your body today. 

The quality, context and completeness of that early exploration not only influenced the way you stand and walk but also the range of skills you find easy. 

If some of the stages are not properly understood your ability to stand, move and function are affected. Many aches and pains and many movement challenges can find thier source in a lack of understanding of these early concepts. Returning to those early explorations can have profound consequences not only for health and wellbeing but also for your ability to refine the skills that are important to you. 

Re-examining these challenges with an adult body are an opportunity to reset your foundation for moving and living in the world. 

Saturday October 24th & 31st
1 - 5 pm
Bookings only 9997 2121