Beginners courses Mona Vale
Beginners courses Mona Vale


Map of Mona Vale, New South Wales
Level 1, 2 Bungan St, Mona Vale, New South Wales, 2103, Australia
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Monday, 1 Feb 2016 to Thursday, 4 Feb 2016
6.30 pm
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10 week beginner courses

Level 2 Mondays, 6:30-7.45 pm 
Level 1 Thursdays, 7:30-8:45pm

The beginner Yogi is a sweet and tender creature whom experienced Yogis feel a great affinity for. Often unsure where to begin these courses, offered up by some of the best teachers on our faculty, will install that confidence slowly and meaningfully over the 10 weeks of the term. 

Working first on body awareness as expressed thru correct alignment so that we learn what it is we need to do. Next the addition of an action - wise approach that enables the student to become better acquainted with their body and eventually with their breath. 

These teachers aim to direct the will and attention of the beginner student so that they can, at the end of the 10 week program, get the vision of practice - abhyasa. 

Beginner courses are not the end, but the beginning. A place where the student ignites the hidden force of yoga from within to throw light on the pathway of the Yogic journey. 

Level 2 Monday nights 6 - 7.15 pm with Jenny Seagail 
A great beginners course for those who already lead an active life and want to add yoga to their movement repertoire. Those who have had a break from practice and wish return or those who inhabit naturally strong or flexible bodies. Jenny is light of heart and greatly loved at our centre for her compassion and warmth. 

Level 1 Thursday nights 7.30 - 8.45 pm with Cathy Carr
This is the night for the more cautious beginner, those who have never tried practice or who feel their lack of body confidence has held them back from from starting a practice such as this. Perhaps you are coming to yoga after an injury or haven't moved your body much in a while. Cathy in a highly trained remedial therapist and exceptional yogi who can help coax you out and into the light of yoga no matter what your experience.

Our aim is that you will fall in love with yoga, thats why we throw the best we have at the beginner courses and classes. WE also run casual classes across our 2 centres dedicated to beginners;

Avalon Studio 
Monday nights 6 pm 
Friday mornings 9.30 am 

Mona vale Studio
 Monday & Wednesday 11.15 am 

All courses are held at our Mona vale centre. 
Please see our website for more details

Included for $190.00

Full ten week term.

Schedule / Itinerary

Mondays, 6:30-7.45 pm OR
Thursdays, 7:30-8:45pm

New courses start on Monday February 1 st and Thursday Feb 4th. 
10 week term 
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