Anatomy of Yin Yoga Workshop with Cathy Foca


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203 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Vic, 3003
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Saturday, 2 Aug 2014
Workshop Cost : $69 non members | $49 members
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The Anatomy of Yin Yoga workshop is an introduction to the fundamental principles that define a yin yoga practice.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced students and teachers.

This workshop will focus on:

-Taking a functional approach to learning about target areas within a group of postures.

-Introducing the concept of muscle tension versus compression and how this affects our experience

-Analysing anatomical variation between individuals and between sides (right versus left side)

-Bringing an awareness to individual alignment practices that can foster self awareness and acceptance of our physical practice.

Anatomy of yin yoga workshop

Part 1:

-Introduction to the function and location of connective tissue

-Introduction to skeletal segments (pelvis,spine and lower limbs)

Part 2:

-Identifying anatomical variation

-Identifying the nature of restriction by analysing the difference between tension and compression

-Interactive analysis of forward bends, backward bends, internal rotation versus external rotation.

-Posture clinic analysing the saddle pose and half butterfly.

Part 3:

A one and a half hour yin yoga practice where you will be able to use all of the concepts presented in parts 1 and 2.

Included for Workshop Cost : $69 non members | $49 members

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