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Sunday, 18 Aug 2013
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“Coming into my innermost core, all parts of me find relationship

I experience support within and life lines of connection through which I pulsate and radiate bright with internal energy

I can go out from my core, because I know I can return. I am centered, supported by my core” (Peggy Hackney, Making Connections, 2002)

This workshop is an exploration of the structural and energetic anatomy of the pelvis and torso and applied to yogic practices. Open to all students, teacher trainees and yoga teachers

Workshop includes:

Discussion of anatomical structures and their interconnections with the body systems

Techniques to awaken your core awareness

Techniques to engage and release the core muscles for body balance and harmony

Explore the relationship with yoga bandha

Hara: the pelvis as our centre of gravity, power and movement

Core- Distal connectivity: Learn to radiate out from within

Explore the psychology of the Hara

Pelvic Power: Introduction to vital energy systems in the pelvic area


Included for $50