Illuminati Congo - Shamanic Breathwork Workshops & Yogi Hip Hop Show


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61 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, VIC, 3163, Australia
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Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 to Friday, 12 Aug 2016
Price: $50, Early bird - $45 (until July 31st). Show + Workshop: $100

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Join Jahn Hooks (Illuminati Congo) for a Shamanic Breathing workshop for transcendental awareness and body-mind healing.

Jahn will explore several Shamanic and rebirthing breathwork techniques that help clear trauma and negativity, oxygenate the blood and cells stimulating greater health and assist us in going into transcendental non-ordinary states of awareness.

Breathwork tends to bring up to the surface things that are held deep within. These stored traumas often come up to be cleared out by the pure energy of this conscious breathing rhythm.

Participants shall learn
1. How breath influences our lives
2. What breath tools work in certain conditions
3. How to breathe for greater peace, health, relaxation, energy, and focus
4. How to stimulate non-ordinary states of awareness with breathing
5. How breath is the most accurate oracle and divinatory system

Illuminati Congo will also be performing a yogi hip hop show at Summer Healing Brunswick on Friday 12th August. Musical influences range from classic reggae to classic rock creating an equal blend of modern synth-and-sampler driven hip hop and danceable, live band instrumentation. 

His lyrics reflect both his practice of spirituality and his embrace of earthly, human desires. His words are meant to appeal both to Yogis as well as the inner city Hood.

Shamanic Breathwork Workshops:

Where: Summer Healing Carnegie
When: Thursday 11th August, 6:30pm – 9pm

Where: Summer Healing Brunswick
When: Friday 12th August, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Price: $50, Early bird - $45 (until July 31st) 

Yogi Hip Hop Show: 

Where: Summer Healing Brunswick
When: Friday 12th August, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Price: Show - $50, Show + Workshop - $100

More details: 0432 293 294 or