Psychosomatic Therapy 10 day Training


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Monday, 11 Nov 2013 to Friday, 22 Nov 2013
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A Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy is a 10 day intensive course where you learn all about YOU. In this course you will discover why you are in the physical shape you are in through detailed analysis of your body’s physiology in terms of its shape, size and structure. In this course you will experience the reality that your body is your biography. Every experience you have ever had is with you every moment showing itself in your physical body. Now is the time to acknowledge old experience and habits your body is carrying and let them go, which opens the doorway for new experiences.

This training certifies you to acknowledge others for who they are with accurate precision making it a perfect tool for the general public, practitioners, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, and anyone who wants to understand and communicate with people at a much deeper level.

When you acknowledge who you are this awareness naturally transforms your life. Psychosomatic Therapy provides self empowerment and self worth for the ultimate expression of your body, mind and soul. This responsibility is shared by all.

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What is Emotional Anatomy?

DID YOU KNOW that once you have completed your Psychosomatic Therapy training you are welcome to re-sit the full 10 day course with any certified trainer in Australia for FREE as many times as you like.

Included for $3250

Certificate of Psychosomatic Therapy (in accordance with Certificate III as a nationally recognised training course accredited by the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF). 


1          Psychosomatic Breakthrough (1 Day) $325

2          The Art of Face Reading (1 Day) $325

3          Body and Mind Analysis (3 Days) $975

4          Language of the Hands (1 Day) $325

5          Emotional Anatomy (2 Days) $650

6          Practitioner Certification (2 Days) $650

Total Course Value:  $3250