Conscious Yoga Core Workshop (SYDNEY)


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Level 1 742 Military Rd, Mosman, NSW, 2088, Australia
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Sunday, 1 Sep 2013
$255 (early bird special)
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 The Conscious Yoga Core Workshop experience is as physically practical as it is metaphysically insightful. Come and acknowledge your souls expression through the tissues of your body and learn practical steps for change through core yoga alignment.

The common thread behind dysfunctional movement and postural patterns is lack of 'CORE' awareness and 'CORE' activation. It doesn't matter if you are a body builder, tri-athlete, yoga teacher or someone who works at a desk all day, 'CORE' activation may be lacking leading to compensation and dysfunction movement patterning.




Full Psychosomatic body reading aimed at acknowledging the mental and emotional story carried within your physical body, which can be released through deeper awareness when practicing yoga asana:

- Begin to understand the psychosomatic (mind-body) relationship that creates postural dysfunction and imbalances throughout the body directly affecting functional movement when practicing yoga asana.

- Realise for yourself why you are in the physical shape you are in with personalised body readings and watch and experience for yourself how this directly affects movement patterning behaviours during yoga practice. 

Revitalise functional movement through correct activation of CORE anatomy:

- Learn the value of ‘awareness’ and its key role in developing core stability and timing 

– strengthening or hardening the core will not create stability.

- Develop anatomical knowledge relating to the specific location and function of core stabilizing muscles key to functional posture and asana alignment.

Identify and de-mystify common functional instructions provided in yoga class by understanding the deeper anatomy through practical experience.

- Learn to ‘engage’ core muscle while performing yoga postures through direct one-on-one experience with a qualified teacher.

Start to identify, name and understand the patterns of dysfunction that prevent functional movement regardless of how much yoga you do:

- Learn the most common dysfunctional postural patterns we face in our modern day and how the correct these using yoga asana practice.

Understand the relationship of opposing muscle groups and muscles imbalances that can be transformed through yoga asana practice.

- Learn how to de-activate chronically tight muscle and soft tissue by engagement of key muscles that open the body naturally, rather than using force to lengthen or stretch the muscles.

- Learn how to fine tune your observation skills from a musculoskeletal perspective directly relating to yoga postures empowering you to adjust your own posture from a functional and well as structural alignment perspective.


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Places are limited as this is a very personalised Workshop.


Included for $255 (early bird special)

Price: $299 ($255 early bird special extended to the  23/8/13)

Includes 50 page online eyoga manual (valued at $35)