Secure your place with just a $500 deposit...registrations closing end August 2015
Secure your place with just a $500 deposit...registrations closing end August 2015


Map of Ubud, Bali
Ubud, Bali, 80571, Republic of Indonesia
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Monday, 19 Oct 2015 to Saturday, 24 Oct 2015
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 Retreat registratons closing 31st August, 2015




Yoga and Somatics for pain-free movement



What beingness is missing in your life? How is your life story showing up in your body? 

What is calling for change?



Come dive into an immersion of the senses in beautiful Ubud, Bali for an experience that will leave you with a renewed ability to move with more efficiency, more freedom and less pain. Martha Peterson, author of Move Without Pain, and Jo Bentley, Registered Yoga Teacher, will offer a one of a kind retreat that combines classes in two complementary movement practices: Somatic Yoga and Hanna Somatics. 


Pain and stiffness is often attributed to being ‘just a part of ageing’, when in most cases, it is due  the accumulation of conditioned responses we have sustained during our life. The way you  move is a reflection of what is going on in your system.


Explore a new perspective on your body’s movement patterns; your creativity and your life. Learn how to use your body in an improved way, giving you the confidence to explore your yoga practice with a new awareness, or indeed, commence a yoga practice if that has been your long held desire but pain has held you back. Let yourself be inspired and supported by a total sensory experience.


Wake up to the sounds of nature at a luxury resort that has been handpicked especially for this retreat offering. Breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy the rhythm of Bali life. 

Participants will enjoy hikes, outdoor activities, mini-lectures and meditation as well as Somatic Yoga and Somatics classes.


Get ready to be inspired. Get ready for full embodied living.


No previous experience of Yoga or Hanna Somatics is necessary. Whilst this retreat is appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness, it is anticipated that participants are able to navigate the stairs and slopes of the resort which is built into the side of a mountain ravine .






Hanna Somatics:

Martha Peterson, CHSE, is the author of the book, Move Without Pain. She is an international teacher and trainer whose speciality is helping people with chronic muscular pain learn how to regain control of their muscles and movement by turning their learning inwards - to their brain, nervous system and experience of themselves.


Somatic Yoga:

Jo Bentley is a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher who draws on a wealth of life experience and intuition to influence her teachings. She creates an environment for students to explore yoga through a somatic lense and adopt an attitude of receptiveness to the body’s wisdom. 

Learning to trust internal sensations can unearth one’s potential for yoga to become a truly transformative practice.



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