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Monday, 17 Sep 2012 to Monday, 12 Nov 2012
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Mama Baba Yoga is post-natal yoga where your baby comes along with you.

These classes are for women with babies aged 6 weeks to crawling.


The post-natal time is a wonderful time. It is also often a very tender time of great shifts within and without and in which many women find, perhaps now more than ever, they need much love and support.

Often our babies get most of the attention, where in truth if you, the woman and mother, are feeling well and happy, your baby benefits immediately. In these classes I follow that principle and offer you a space to take care of your own needs.

These classes guide you to find new strength and tone in your body in a gradual, well-thought-out and deep-lasting way. The exercises also release tension, often built up by carrying and feeding, while nourishing your nerves and increasing your overall vitality.

Deep relaxation follows exercises, then a sharing time on a topic of relevance at this time. I offer you information and inspiration from the yogic lifestyle perspective, and there is time to speak and listen in a protected, mutually supportive space. Many women find this exchange and the attitude that facilitates it, healing and encouraging.

This is followed up by a meditation to further support you in relation to the theme discussed.

Some of the exercises allow and invite loving eye and body contact with your baby and we may bring in elements of baby massage, yoga and song to include your baby in the enjoyment. You will also be frequently encouraged to return with your awareness to yourself, so that you get the most benefit for you. Of course, you will be needing to take care of your baby´s needs during class too, and it goes without saying that feeding, nappy changing, carrying and crying (!) are all a natural part of class.

The class follows the tradition of Kundalini Yoga while drawing from other sources also.

Bookings and enquiries to Jo.


Small Blessings classes are taught by Jo Hergo, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Mother of 3

There is a saying.... "Whatever goodness a person has it is learned in the lap of the mother." That is how important the institution of a woman as a mother is in our society. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga in the West

Included for $20

All welcome to this open class, existing and new participants. An opportunity to try it out before booking for the 7 week course beginning 17th September.

$20 cash on the day. Please book  with Jo by email or phone.