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Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

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Join Gwyn Williams for a calming and grounding day of ZenThai Shiatsu. Learn simple bodywork techniques and accessible tips that will enable you to live more fully and happily in your body. Both of these sessions will incorporate therapeutic movements that can be integrated into daily life.

A little about Gwyn: Gwyn Williams has spent 15 years effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga, Martial Arts and AcroYoga teachings. This synthesis, called Zenthai Flow, is a culmination of Gwynn’s passion for art forms that bring us back to pristine states of awareness and connection, enabling us to engage with our full hearts and deeper truth.

Gwynn’s book The Zen of Touch is known in alternative healing circles throughout the world and is widely utilised in the AcroYoga community. An author, teacher, competitive runner and surfer, Gwynn has presented at yoga festivals and conventions throughout the world. He also runs workshops, courses and  retreats at his Zenthai centres on the east coast of Australia and the island of Bali .

Schedule / Itinerary

Long and Strong Spine
Saturday 28 May 11.00am-1.30pm

In this class we will look at the spine though a structural and energetic lens and focus on the three main areas of where we commonly have problems:  Neck and shoulders, between the shoulder blades and lumbar.  Through asana, partner yoga and therapeutic bodywork we will explore the three areas and how they relate to each other, creating a fluid, supple and powerful spine.

Happy Hips
Saturday 28 May 2.30pm-5.00pm

In this class we will look at hip joints through a structural and energetic lens.  Using the wood element (liver and gall bladder meridians) from Chinese Medicine you will be encouraged to explore new and creative ways to move your body, calm your mind and experience the joy of contributing to the well being of another. The combination of Asanas flows, partner yoga, ZenThai Shiatsu bodywork, and simple therapeutic sequences will help you break old patterns and give you a fresh perspective on how to resolve issues in this common problem area.


To book for the full day, please choose the pricing option “Gwyn Williams: Full Day”, you will automatically be enrolled for both sessions.