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Monday, 24 Jul 2017 to Sunday, 30 Jul 2017
9am - 6pm

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 About the Course          

 Prana House Yoga Teacher Training with Julie Gargano and staff offers inspirational, professional & comprehensive tuition in Pranaa Yoga. This training is offered as a Certificate of Yoga Teaching & held over the duration of 12 months part time and inclusive of 350 hours accredited with Yoga Australia.

Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Course explores Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Pranaa Yoga, Amrit Yoga, Methodology & Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, thorough Teaching Methodologies, Integrative Practice & Teaching, Yogic Philosophy based on Pantajali's 8 Limbed Yoga, Yogic Physiology, Energy Medicine & Alignment, Self Management, developing a Personal Practice, Business Management, First Aid and powerful tools for personal transformation.

  • Deepen your understanding and experiential knowing of yoga
  • Learn postures, sequences, individual adjustments & modifications, and gain technical skills under the guidance of seasoned teachers
  • Connect with a new level of awareness that serves you in all aspects of life
  • Learn how to discover and release holdings that are affecting your health and your life
  • Build physical, mental and emotional strength and vitality
  • Spiritualize the practice of yoga

 Julie Gargano is the creator of Pranaa Yoga, course director & principle teacher and is joined by guest teachers, professional teaching staff & assistants.

About Pranaa Yoga

Pranaa Yoga is a magical tapestry & culmination of Julie Gargano’s 20 plus years of dedicated in-depth study & practice of yoga, meditation, energy healing & enquiry of the Self.  Pranaa Yoga strives to provide a seamless balance between dynamic powerful detailed posture work in combination with meditative awareness, energetic connection & deeply absorbing inner stillness.

Recognising that the physical body needs both slow steady supported detailed posture work as well as smooth fluid dynamic posture work, Pranaa Yoga is holistic in its approach in how the body may move. The underpinning component is the consciousness that meets each pose regardless of the form practiced. A meditative flow where the breath, consciousness and energy become the anchor to wherever & however the postures are experienced.

There is a purposeful focus to ease & grace, energy & breath, form & formless and the quality that one brings to each moment. Each practice begins with an opening meditation, chanting and connection and this unravels through its multi layers throughout the practice

Certificate in Prana House Yoga Teacher Training 350 hours
On successful completion of the Prana House Yoga Teacher Training  Course, Australia, you will be awarded with a Certificate in Prana House Yoga Teaching qualifying you to teach Pranaa Yoga.  In addition to this certificate you will be required to become a member of Yoga Australia in order to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance. Together this will allow you to practice professionally as a yoga teacher in Australia.

Core Subjects
Pranaa Yoga & Amrit Yoga -Class experience / Hatha & Raja Yoga combined/ Pranayama / Chanting / Prayer/ Intention


What is Pranaa Yoga? / What is Amrit Yoga? The Philosophy and Theoretical Basis of Amrit Yoga
Spiritualising the Practice of Yoga / The Lineage of Amrit Yoga / About Yogi Amirt Desai / Amrit Yoga & The Eight Limbed Path of Ashtanga Yoga / The 7 Integrative Principles / The Three Stages of Amrit Yoga

Philosophy: What is Yoga? / The Purpose of Yoga / Traditional Paths of Yoga

General Yoga philosophy: - Pantajali’s 8 Limbed, Yoga Sutras, Paths of Yoga, Forms & Styles of Yoga, Modern day yogi/integrating yogic philosophy into today’s world, Esoteric history-A range of Sacred Text (Hatha Yoga Pradika, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads)

Technique & Alignment / Building a class from beginners to intermediate / Principles of movement / Asana-themes and benefits / Injuries-joints & muscles / Prenatal & special needs / Energetic flow

Teaching Methodology  /Hands on adjustment / Voice projection/ Working with energy, invocation & connection / Classroom teaching / Delivery and all that needs to be considered
Reflective Mindful Practices that Support the Posture of Consciousness / Meditation / Sound Practices / Chanting

Integrative Practice & Teaching Practicum / Communication & presentation skills / Observation & assessment / Experiential learning / Guidelines on preparing a class / Handling class situations & potential challenges / Supervised teaching practice / Feedback of teaching, correction etc…/ Personal practice / Teaching assessmen


Yogic Physiology & Energy Systems, Subtle bodies, Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras, Chakras, Nadis Koshas, Gunas
Anatomy & Physiology including all body systems: muscular skeletal, endocrine, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, etc. Anatomy of movement / Core strength: pelvic floor & abdominal training / First Aid Training


 Professional Practice & Self Care / Self-preservation / Work/life balance / Energetic clearing / About Yoga Australia


Self Practice as a foundation

Mentoring / Support / Supervised methodology / Observation & feedback

Business & Marketing / Business management-How to effectively promote yourself & marketing strategies



24 July 2017 - 30 July 2017 (Part 1 -7 day Immersive )
26 August 2017 - 27 May 2018 (Part 2 - 9 weekend intensives)

* 12 months part-time


Schedule / Itinerary

24 July 2017 - 30 July 2017 (Part 1 -7 day Immersive )
26 August 2017 - 27 May 2018 (Part 2 - 9 weekend intensives)

* 12 months part-time

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