200hr Mexico Yoga Teacher Training


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Troncones, Troncones, Mexico
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Sunday, 6 May 2012 to Saturday, 26 May 2012
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May 6-26, 2012 at Present Moment Retreat, Mexico

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We invite you to be a part of this life enhancing experience through

meditation, pranayama, asana, vegetarian meals, daily activities,

and application of yogic theory into daily living. We invite you to

open your heart to connect to the essence of our universe, love,

compassion, and perfection. We invite you to reveal the inner

stillness and peace that resides deep in your heart and soul. We

invite you to radiate the peace and love to all mankind and the


During this Mexico Yoga Teacher Training we wake up

while the sun rises and experience the beauty and serenity in the

midst of the tropical forest, with the cleansing tea waiting for you.

Guided group meditation starts at 6:30am and ends at 7am. Followed

immediately by the meditation in asana (yoga posture) practice. It

includes pranayama, asana, and relaxation.

A Daily yoga lesson on theory and philosophy is weaved into the yoga

asana practice and is advised to apply to our daily living. In the

afternoon we have our Art-of-Teaching workshop.  We also have lectures,

discussions and activities that cover Yoga philosophy, Yoga theory,

Yogic living, Yoga diet, yoga anatomy, and yogic healing. We end our

day with after dinner Satsang (wise gathering) to contemplate and

reflect on our sadhana (spiritual practice) of the day.

Gourmet Vegetarian Meals

The food is sure to be a highlight of your stay. Two vegetarian

meals at 10 am and 6 pm are prepared with love by the gourmet chefs

at Present Moment Retreat. We will have fresh fruits and other health

snacks available during the day.

Present Moment Reteat

Thoughtfully created in Troncones, Guerrero; one of the last sacred and authentic destinations in Mexico, Present Moment Retreat

offers the opportunity for physical, spiritual, and mental

rejuvenation through yoga, meditation and the healing arts. Renew your

spirit while meditating on our private beach; revive your energy with

an ocean side yoga workshop, and dine on mouth watering gourmet cuisine.

This Mexico Yoga Teacher Training Course is suitable for people of all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners.

There are 3 days off during the Mexico Yoga Instructor Certification

and you are encouraged to take the opportunity to explore the area. It

is so beautiful to do yoga on the beach as the sun is setting.

This is also a good time to visit shops and do some shopping.

Other Highlights
  1. Vegetarian Meals (at 10am and 6pm)
  2. Yoga living lifestyle
  3. Daily meditation
  4. Daily yoga classes
  5. Yoga Theory Practice and Living Lectures
  6. Surfing/swimming
  7. Local cultural events
  8. Hiking, Kayaking, horseback riding
  9. Dance and Qigong Classes
  10. Professional massage, bodywork, energy healing and wellness counseling
  11. Beautiful Accommodations at Present Moment Retreat

Tuition: $2,200

Room & Food Package: $2,195 (20 nights at Present Moment Retreat in a shared double room)

If you would like a single room there is an charge of $1,295.

If you are traveling alone and would like a shared double room, we are happy to match you with a roommate.

Space is limited, so please sign up soon to guarantee your space.

Other Expenses

Books and other Materials ($75-100)


Airport transfer

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Included for $2,200

$2,200 Tuition.

Room & Food Extra.