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Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016

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Living Yoga Philosophy Series


Practices to Liberate Sasāra – Breaking the Cycles

In the ancient traditions, Sasāra refers to the aimless wandering through recurrent and habitual cycles, some of which proving to serve our lives and relationships in non-constructive ways.  Yet the presence of an underlying spiritual yearning to become liberated from them becomes so strong, so urgent, that our only action, in the end, is to confront the cycles that we wish to break, learn from them and then move forwards.  Without conscious awareness, reflection, action, Kriya and liberation, Moksha, we tend to create repetitive patterns of the very same behaviour and choices that we are trying to break.  And it is the Ego aspect of self that loves to feed them!  As we confront and move through these patterns, we aim to move forwards on the journey of our life with clearer, more aligned nurturing patterns that nourish and feed our Soul.

Our next Philosophy Class in the ‘Living Yoga Philosophy Series’ looks at ways in which the ancient Yogi’s guide us towards breaking these superfluous patterns and cycles of Sasāra. We will also explore how yogic practices can reveal the teachings in our patterns and discover their real nature and true purpose.


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know ………nothing ever really attacks us except our own confusion. perhaps there is no solid obstacle except our own need to protect ourselves from being touched. maybe the only enemy is that we don’t like the way reality is now and therefore wish it would go away fast. but what we find as practitioners is that nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. if we run a hundred miles an hour to the other end of the continent in order to get away from the obstacle, we find the very same problem waiting for us when we arrive. it just keeps returning with new names, forms, manifestations until we learn whatever it has to teach us about where we are separating ourselves from reality, how we are pulling back instead of opening up, closing down instead of allowing ourselves to experience fully whatever we encounter, without hesitating or retreating into ourselves.”  Pema Chödrön


When: Wednesday, 21st September 2016  |  6 – 7.15pm

Investment: $25, or you can use your pass or membership

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