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Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016

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Living Yoga Philosophy Series



What if we could see our thoughts and emotions? To be able to touch them and know what they tangibly feel like? Well, what if we knew that our body experiences them at this physical level every single day!

Every emotion we move through and experience creates a reaction of some kind. Suppressed emotions will surface somewhere at some point and more often than not this will be within the body. When we consistently suppress our emotions we start to stockpile them until the body says “I can’t hold this anymore“. As Brené Brown observes: “the body keeps score – and it always wins”.

Which leads to the question – what are emotions, and how can something we cannot touch or feel impact our health so powerfully? How then would we take charge of our emotions in a way that supported our body’s daily demands?

In our next Living Yoga Philosophy class we will explore the energetic and physical presentation of emotions from both a yogic and scientific perspective. We will also look at how positive and negative emotions impact our psychological and physical health and ways we can change our neurology in relation to emotional patterns and behaviours.


When: Wednesday, 26th October 2016  |  6 – 7.15pm

Investment: $25, or you can use your pass or membership