The Art of Mindful Living


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Mangrove Creek, NSW, 2250, Australia
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Friday, 5 Jun 2015 to Monday, 8 Jun 2015


with Mellissa O'Brien

3 nights (starts at 5pm on first day and concludes at 3pm on final day - view arrival time options)

with Mellissa O'Brien

On this popular retreat you will learn how to practice mindfulness and discover powerful strategies to live a more conscious and connected life. This is an inspiring, enlightening and rejuvenating weekend where you’ll learn skills that will last a lifetime.

The retreat is a blend of engaging talks, stories and lessons balanced with plenty of practice and relaxation time. You’ll experience mindfulness practices including yoga, pranayama, sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating and also formal periods of ‘karma yoga’ (engaging in everyday activities mindfully). The retreat is semi-silent. The periods of silence each evening until after breakfast encourage inner reflection.

You will learn

• How to practice meditation and mindful living

?• 7 strategies to integrate mindfulness into a busy or stressful life

?• How to work skilfully with difficult emotions and thoughts?

• How to shift from autopilot living into conscious living

• The 3 most common beginner mistakes (and how not to make them)?

• How to unveil the innate peace, wholeness and wisdom that are your birthright

The retreat includes a workbook and meditation audios to take home with you.

This retreat is suitable both for beginners on the path to mindful living, as well as those with experience. It’s for those who want practical, non-dogmatic ways to come home to the here and now in this busy stressful age we live in.

“Thank you Melli for your amazing retreat. I have loved soaking up your wisdom and I found myself continuously nodding, acknowledging and learning. This exceeded my expectations. I thought I would relax and learn a few things but this has been life-changing.” —Carol Boman

?“What did I enjoy the most about this weekend? The mindfulness sessions with Mellissa. She makes it so fascinating and keeps you constantly engaged. I’m looking forward to follow-up sessions.” —Jeremy Mohamed


Mellissa O’Brien is a down to earth, engaging and authentic yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher.

For the last 15 years she has dedicated her life to unlocking the secrets of the human mind and what it takes to be truly deeply happy. By consulting with leading experts, monks and swamis around the world, reading hundreds of books and spiritual texts, and self-experimenting she managed to radically transform her own mind and ultimately her life.

Her passion is demystifying and simplifying the world's wisdom teachings and making them accessible and practical for everyday people.

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