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Map of Mangrove Creek, NSW
300 Mangrove Creek Rd, Mangrove Creek, NSW, 2250, Australia
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Monday, 29 Jun 2015 to Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015
$15 per day / Minimum commitment of one full week
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Seva, the generous giving of oneself in service to others, brings together head, heart and hands for the benefit of all.

An integral part of Karma Yoga, Seva is a very practical approach to yoga. A Seva stay offers a unique opportunity for short and long term personal development and incorporates joyful participation in the daily activities of ashram life. An experienced sevak may also have the chance to integrate personal areas of expertise and interest in one of the ashram's departments.

Explore action and stillness, 
silence and sound, 
simplicity and diversity. 
Begin to incorporate yoga into all aspects of your life.

Take time to simplify your life supported by experienced teachers, a balanced timetable and asana and meditation classes while living in a community that practises yoga in daily life.

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Included for $15 per day / Minimum commitment of one full week

All inclusive (accommodation, vegetarian meals, classes)