Deepening Sadhana - Prana Vidya
Deepening Sadhana - Prana Vidya


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Mangrove Creek, NSW, 2250, Australia
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Friday, 3 Apr 2015 to Wednesday, 8 Apr 2015

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5 nights - starts with the Devi Havan at 4pm and concludes at 3pm on final day
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with Swami Satyadharma
Are you curious about the energies that surround and fill us, but have not had the chance to learn about them? If so, this retreat and course is the one you’ve been waiting for!


In yoga it is said that energy and consciousness are the two symbiotic principles of creation. In order to evolve the consciousness, it is necessary to awaken the energy. The two move together.




• Prana is the life force behind all beings and the power of all movement in creation


• Prana can be awakened and experienced through yogic practice


• Pranavidya is the yogic knowledge of regulating and awakening the energies within the body for well being, healing, meditation and spiritual elevation


This retreat and course will be conducted by master yoga teachers in a forest ashram environment. There will be a diet and lifestyle highly conducive to deep relaxation and introspection.


• Five-day sadhana intensive
• Theory of prana vidya

• Practice and meditation on the energetic channels and fields

• Yogic methods of awakening and transmission of energy
• Prananidra relaxation in the field of energy

• Accommodation and all vegetarian meals included

• Daily sessions of retreat specific practice and/or theory

• Asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha
• Daily early morning yoga class

• Daily Satyananda Yoga Nidra® class

• Evening program, including kirtan and satsang

• Immersion in a meditative ashram experience


This retreat and course is suitable for:


All practitioners who wish to gain an experience of their own subtle energetic body.


Swami Satyadharma is a highly experienced teacher of classical yoga. She has played a key role in the development of Satyananda Yoga’s Bihar School of Yoga. She spent more than 35 years in India and was appointed international ambassador for Satyananda Yoga by Swami Niranjanananda in 2000. She came to Mangrove as a resident in 2009, and now travels globally at the request of various centres and ashrams.