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Thursday, 7 Feb 2013 to Monday, 11 Feb 2013

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Sedona Yoga Festival & Healing Arts Conference, February 7 – 11, 2013

The Sedona Yoga Festival is part Healing Arts Conference and part Celebration of Love and Light held in the heart of the most spectacular landscape on Earth. Sign up now for SYF2013 event updates and make plans to attend.

Kabbalistic Yoga will be presenting at this spectacular event!

Workshop 1

Who I Am?

We have all wondered and pondered this timeless question at some, or at many points in life. Likely, we have come up with various answers at different points, of time, none of which was lasting or satisfying.

In this “Who am I” workshop with Kabbalistic Yoga we allow the wisdom of the ancient texts of Yogic Philosophy and the Mystical Kabbalah to guide our understanding toward a long lasting answer that will satisfy the deep parts of your inner being. Once we establish who we are not, through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, we open ourselves to a new perception of who we could be and explore those many faces in the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life.

Using the breath and creative visualization we will be guided through a philosophical meditation through the Yoga Sutras and the Tree of Life. This workshop will leave participants with a clear understanding of how ancient texts can be useful in our modern world and will be given practical tools to incorporate a new awareness into one’s experience.

In this workshop we will

·      Examine the nature of Self as outlined in the Yoga Sutras

·      Construct a sacred geometrical diagram of the Tree of Life

·      Integrate into our awareness the basic properties of the Trees various faces

·      Learn how to incorporate it as a meditation tool for Self Understanding

·      Concluded with a journey meditation to meet One's most High Self

Kabbalistic Yoga will provide you with an understanding of your self in a deeper way. Through this unique application of the concepts found throughout the Yoga Sutras, one can begin to meditate on The Tree of Life and apply these concepts in a practical and real way while undertaking the path-working on the Tree, each step revealing an aspect of the Nature of Self.

Workshop 2:

Finding the Goddess Within

We live in a dualistic world and are creatures of duality: Good/ bad, right/ wrong, male/ female, old/ young, up/ down….the list goes on. We have become accustomed to living in an age of patriarchal energy, power, authority, materialism and consumption. In this workshop we will explore the matriarchal energy, tapping into the creative force of intuition, inner knowing, and the wisdom that comes from understanding our own dualistic nature in a world of duality. Here we will bring balance to our experience.

Using music, movement, dance, writing, yoga and meditation, we will journey through time, tapping into our Light/Dark duality, and here we will explore the nature of Self, seeing the duality of our humanness and finding peace within. This is the Goddess energy, the one who harmonizes, restores balance, the mother who nurtures, loves and accepts, because she has wisdom and understanding that all things are perfect just as they are.

This workshop:

·      Is open to Men and Women

·      Will allow you to open your creative channels

·      Transcend the mind and body awareness and tap into Spirit

·      No dance experienced required

Please bring a yoga mat, a pen and journal, an inspirational photo or object.