Yoga Teacher Mentorship program: Applied Anatomy and Asana


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Sunday, 2 Mar 2014 to Sunday, 22 Jun 2014
$1840 for all 8 modules
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A mentoring program is ideal for ongoing professional development and for gaining invaluable insight beyond your own training and experience. It offers a supportive environment, guidance from a mentor as well as the opportunity to nurture connections to an awesome community of like-­minded yogis.

The aim of this training is to gain knowledge, skills and insight to further understand the mechanics of the body, its limitations and ways to surpass some of them. It will give you the ability to see things in ways you have not seen them before and have a greater impact than you thought you could.

Training includes on average about 2 hours of theory to ensure the knowledge base is developed, refreshed or updated. Training also includes lecture notes, Power Point teaching methods, videos where necessary and supervised practice to gain the most from your valuable time. 

These sessions will give you a new look into an ancient way of life that will aid in bringing greater results to more people in the wider community. You will also develop more diverse teaching skills as well as knowledge to improve your own practice.

The 8 modules are:

  • Observation – The lost key to knowledge and effectiveness
  • The science of correcting alignment in asana
  • Pelvic and joint stability in the yoga environment
  • The science of muscle stretching and flexibility and its relationship to Yoga
  • Orthopedic assessments and their place in the yoga studio
  • Broadening the appeal of yoga to the greater masses
  • Adding resistance training and conditioning to your yoga class
  • Nutritional science and yoga

About the mentor, Carl Montgomery:

  • Applied Integrative Medicine
  • B.App.Sci Sports Coach & Admin.
  • Musculo-Skeletal Specialist
  • Sports Kinesiologist
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Kinesiologist
  • Sports Scientist 

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Included for $1840 for all 8 modules

$1840 for all 8 modules. 

The deposit of $500 (already part of the fee) is due at the acceptance of the application. The balance can be paid in 4 equal installments (10 March, 10 April, 10 May, 10 June). Payments can be made by credit card online, over the phone or via EFT. 

Any cancellations will incur an administrative fee of $150. After 20 February 2014 the deposit (minus admin fee) will only be refunded, if your place can be refilled.

To foster a sense of community among the mentees, and to create a supportive environment for practicing the teachings of the mentorship program, Ihana Yoga will offer discounted class rates for the mentees during the mentorship program (March – September 2014): 

  • 1-­month of unlimited yoga at Ihana Yoga for $95 (each month during the


  •  Casual class at Ihana Yoga for $10 (as often as you like during the program)

  •  50% discount of Meditation workshops and/or classes held at Ihana yoga