Sunday Meditation Series - Mantra: the power of words


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Sunday, 6 Oct 2013
$80 for 4 sessions
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Throughout history different cultures have honoured the sacred power of words. In mantra meditation we rest our focus on a short word, phrase or sound, repeated over and over either aloud or silently. As the mantra weaves into the rhythm of our breath our mind fixes, our breathing slows and the rhythm stills and centres us. Eventually the mantra stops and we rest in stillness. A mantra that holds a special meaning can have a profound impact on our mind state, leading us away from the subconscious, negative mind chatter that fuels our feelings of stress, to a sense of calmness and ease associated with the mantra. We shall explore some ancient and modern mantra practices.

Included for $80 for 4 sessions

When: Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th October, 6-7pm

Fee: $80 for 4 sessions