'Opening the Heart' workshop


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Sunday, 5 May 2013
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A lot of traditional yogic techniques such as asana, pranayama and mediation work towards opening and softening the energetic heart, so that we can experience and express our true potential.

The pressure of the modern world often hardens or closes the heart. Stress, anger and anxiety accumulate blockages in the heart area, which can eventually affect our posture. The shoulders hunch forward in an attempt to protect the heart from future pain. The connection between posture and emotions also works in reverse: by changing our physical posture we can change the way we feel.

In this three hour workshop we will explore:


  • thoracic spine mobilizing techniques
  • shoulder opening poses
  • exciting and playful back bends
  • pranayama and meditation targeting the heart


This is a practical workshop so please come in your yoga gear. 

BYO mat or hire at the studio for $1.

Book your spot at the studio or at our ONLINE STORE!

Included for $50

$50, including a heart chakra crystal