Meditation Series each Sunday in November


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562 Hampton St, Hampton, Vic, 3188
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Sunday, 3 Nov 2013
$80 for 4 sessions
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A meditation technique provides us with an anchor .. something for our mind to focus on until we settle and find our point of stillness.  With practice we find that we can sit with our meditation technique requiring only bare attention  so there is less ‘doing’ and more ‘being’.

To reach this place of just being it is helpful to regularly allow our chosen meditation technique to soften and drift away, so that we spend time just sitting, calm and at ease with the open silence and spaciousness.  Like learning to ride a bike without the training wheels, it is easier to build confidence and ease little by little, until one day we find a point of balance where we can rest in a meditative space for longer periods of time.

Included for $80 for 4 sessions

When: Sunday 3,10,17 & 24th of November (6-7pm)

Fee: $80 for all 4 sessions