Light up within: A journey through the 7 major chakras


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Friday, 12 Jul 2013
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Bringing together the physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of the chakra system into our yoga practice helps us to stay connected to the macro and micro aspects of our human existence. To become aware of our subtle energy centres assists in self healing and transformation; discovering new levels of energy, creativity, personal power, love, communication, wisdom and spirit.

Included in the class:

  • Discussion of key fundamental aspects of the chakra system and the 7 major energy centres
  • Vibrational healing through chanting the Bija mantra for each chakra
  • Sound healing through music composed for each 7 chakras
  • Colour therapy: Special LED coloured lighting
  • Asana practice to awaken our physical awareness of each chakra area and aid energy flow
  • Healing meditations for each chakra
  • 7 Chakra Crystals Healing Set included

 Teacher: Margaux Lovett

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