Hip Hip Hooray - a workshop


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Sunday, 8 Dec 2013
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The majority of us sit for most of our days, which compromises the mobility and stability in our hips. A lack of this mobility and stability can result in compensatory action elsewhere in the body, often leading to pain in the knees and lower back. On an energetic level, we carry past experiences in the memory of our hips. Learning and encouraging healthy movement patterns in the hips can help to relieve pain, improve postural alignment and overall movements, as well as releasing stored emotions - healthy hips are happy hips, which lead to a happier and healthier you.

This workshop is your opportunity to:


  • get familiar with anatomy of the hip, including the ball-and-socket joint and muscles associated with the hips
  • understand pure movements of the hip joint and apply this to common yoga poses
  • learn co-activations around the hip joint and other methods to stabilise the hips
  • explore with mobilising as well as releasing techniques to free up the hips


This workshop is open for yoga students of all levels, beginners to teachers and even those with existing hip injuries, as an opportunity to promote self healing.

Included for $70

$70 for a three hour workshop with Jenni Morrison-Jack, owner and founder of Ihana Yoga.

Book your spot here: http://ihanayoga.com.au/online-store/