"Exploring The Spine" Workshop


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Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 to Sunday, 22 Jul 2012

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Our up-coming practical workshop is inspired by the feedback received after Jenni’s latest article was published in the current issue of Australian Yoga Life.

Importance of alignment: Spine and sacrum

“Yoga should be an organic process that unfolds without forcing. Often, through a simpler variation of a pose, we can access correct alignment that might not yet be available in more advanced options of the pose. When aligning the spine, pause to appreciate that you’re also aligning the spinal cord – i.e. central nervous system. Awareness, mindful movement, comfortable breath, and muscular support help to conserve the integrity of the spine, which is key to a sustainable yoga practice.” (Jenni Morrison-Jack, June-Aug 2012 AYL)

Join us for this 3h practical yoga workshop to discover freedom in your spine creating new space in your asana practice. The workshop will introduce basic anatomy of the spine and sacrum and will give you a new awareness to help understand and experience your spine.

In this workshop you will:


  • explore practical exercises and techniques to mobilise the stiff thoracic spine
  • spend time working on the abdominal area as the initiator of movement in different asana categories
  • experiment with core muscles to stabilise the lower back and sacrum
  • learn to move your spine actively and therapeutically in your yoga practice
  • improve circulation in the spine and reduce muscular tension
  • look at your spinal alignment with fresh eyes after experimenting with our safe alignment tips


This workshop is designed for all levels and will explore how yoga practice can make your spine supple and strong.

Teacher: Jenni Morrison-Jack

Bookings: info@ihanayoga.com.au or call 9598 9994