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Friday, 30 Aug 2013

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Originally performed only within the temples Classical Indian Dance is a holistic practice integrating physical movements, music and theatre. Typical characteristics are a strong and stable lower body that supports a graceful and fluid upper body moving in Figure 8 patterns.

Included in the 3-hour class:


  • Performance of Classical Indian Dance & overview of its origin and history
  • Movement techniques that balance strength and stability with fluidity
  • A guided practice will systematically work through the entire body from major muscle groups right through to fingertips and facial muscles.
  • Practice of flowing sequences in classical and contemporary forms of expression
  • Exposure to Indian music and rhythmic elements as part of the movement sequences


Nithya has over 10 years experience in teaching dance to students of all ages and abilities, and is also a qualified yoga teacher. In her teaching she seeks to make movement accessible, fun and challenging for anyone with a body!



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