Urban Retreat - The 7 chakras


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Sunday, 30 Sep 2012
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The concept of a retreat is to take time out from the external world and focus exclusively on the spiritual dimension.

Today many people are busy with numerous activites and events. The creation of this unique 1- day retreat is to work with and accept the hectic pace of life today and simply partake in a retreat for just one day. Hence the birth of the idea to create a 1- day urban retreat.

It is intended to hold this retreat every second month to give participants the opportunity to experience a deeper immersion into the spiritual practice for a sacred Saturday.

The retreat will consist of hatha yoga sessions, meditations, seminars, readings from spiritual masters and an opportunity for sharing and spiritual connection. The techniques of both yoga and meditation are based on the wisdom of the Tantric tradition.

Each urban retreat will feature a specific seminar topic based on various aspects of spirituality. The September 2012 retreat will consist of a seminar exploring the 7 chakras and examining the consciousness and the psychological aspects of the chakras.

The urban retreat is an opportunity to enjoy a more profound spiritual connection without the usual travel, time and financial commitment. This retreat is for everyone as the meditations are not excessively long and the hatha yoga is gentle and meditative in nature.

As always the retreat will reflect the unique and contemporary style that characterises Holistic Yoga & Meditation.

No experience in yoga or meditation is necessary. All are welcome.

Invest in your soul!


Included for $90

This fee includes both morning and afternoon tea.