Secrets of Erotic Tantra Revealed


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Saturday, 19 Nov 2011 to Saturday, 19 Nov 2011
$170 / $150
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Secrets of Tantra revealed offers deeper insights into the nature of erotic Tantra. This workshop will also have a focus on intimate relationships with an understanding of the nature of unconditional love and the ability to connect at a deeper level with a more fulfilling relationship that can be an avenue for spiritual and personal growth. The connection then becomes a true union of the feminine and masculine principles in a fusion of eroticism and love.

This whole existence is in love: these trees are moving tremendously in love; these stars, these rivers rushing towards the ocean, are rushing towards a love-affair where they can meet and merge. Watch, and you will find everywhere the shadow of love, the thrill, the excitement, the ecstasy of love. – Osho

The workshop will also feature esoteric aspects of the erotic nature of man and woman as expressed in the nature of polarity. This will also highlight the different roles of the sexes and how to accept, understand and love the ways of the opposite sex.

Other topics will include Tantric techniques, astrology and Tantra, erogenous zones and the connection between specific postures in Tantric lovemaking and the arousing of the 7 chakras through these positions.

The program for the workshop will feature seminars, meditations, group discussions, exercises and an optional hatha yoga class that focuses on the energising of the 7 chakras, a key to the practice of Tantra. Asanas will also be taught to amplify and control the sexual energy.

Gain a new perspective on yourself and your relationship.


Please note we make the commitment to teach this course with the highest integrity and maintain a high level of communication. There are no explicit presentations or nudity. Participants must be over 18 years of age.

The workshop is suitable both for singles and couples. The workshop is structured in a way that makes it irrelevant if participants attend as singles or in a couple.

The fee includes morning tea and afternoon tea.


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Full payment received by 29 Oct 2011 $145.00 / $125.00 Concession / $250.00 Couples
$170.00 / $150.00 Concession / $280.00 Couples