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Saturday, 28 Jan 2012 to Saturday, 18 Feb 2012

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Have you ever wondered what yoga is really all about? How it works? What it can do for you? Maybe you already practice yoga but are seeking a new deeper style that is presented rationally, scientifically and in a context that embraces your life in the 21st century. Welcome to foundations of yoga!


The foundations in yoga course is ideal for individuals who are completely new to yoga as no previous experience is necessary. It is also perfect for those already practising yoga who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding.

The course will cover the fundamental principles and core building blocks necessary to successfully practice yoga.

The aim of the course is for participants to learn a practical yoga program that they will be able to independently practice.

The course itself will last for 2 hours each week for four weeks. Each session will include a hatha yoga practice of approximately 90 minutes followed by approximately 30 minutes of theory. Participants will also receive course papers each week to accompany the theoretical component to compliment the practical aspect of the course.


• The Law of Resonance – how does yoga practically work.

• The polarity of energy according to the principles of yoga.

• The meaning of the asanas (or why do we really place our body in certain positions).

• The role of the chakras in yoga, their function and their associated emotional and psychological aspects.

• A classical hatha yoga program that is constructed for the needs of the beginner consisting of gentle postures.

• A deep relaxation.

• The yoga program will enable participants to generate greater vitality, self-confidence, overall well-being while balancing many glands of the body including the thyroid gland.


Doing this course has far surpassed my expectations (and they were high). I’m inspired to practice, learn more and more away from the classroom and yoga mat. Nina is a perfectly wonderful teacher of yoga, life, love, energy and the universe. Come and change your world. – Amanda

The course exceeded my expectations! It was fantastic and extremely interesting, it has been an amazing extension of the spiritual journey that I began a couple of years ago. – Raine

When it gets in your blood you start to see results. You just want more. Thanks Nina.?– Lindsay

Extremely enlightening. – Julia

A new space for my mind and body to practise. – Robyn

I opened my heart to the universe. – Thanks Nina. – Rob

The course was excellent. Extremely informative and in-depth. Thank you so much Nina for your amazing wealth of knowledge and lovely company. – Tanith

The universe is an amazing energy. So are you. – Steven

Invest in your soul!