Meditation for peace


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1. The Meeting Place 10 Hampson St. Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia
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Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011
$15 / $12

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Join us to share and invoke peace throughout the planet. This evening of meditation is our inspired and loving gift to all of humanity and the greater community of souls on planet earth this Christmas.

By invoking a state of peace within ourselves, we are able to broadcast this state on the mental plane throughout the globe. This creates an invisible resonance of harmony and peace with the collective subconscious mind. This is one fundamental law of the universe and all of humanity is connected in this way. By promoting the values of peace, we as individuals are able to act collectively to generate a vibration of peace that ripples and expands out to influence humanity in a subtle and positive way.

This offering of peace is a beautiful gift to offer humanity this Christmas. Join us to help our planet in this time of great transformation to awaken to the state of love, compassion and peace.

No experience in meditation is necessary. Full instruction will be given on the evening.

A simple style of music with meditation will be used to create the atmosphere and resonance of peace.

A seminar will be given addressing the theme of peace and how we can individually use our own personal power to beneficially influence the collective consciousness.