Introduction to Spiritual Astrology


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Saturday, 17 Sep 2011
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The study of the celestial bodies and their placements offers a deep understanding of our emotions and states of consciousness. The ancient system of astrology is a practical method for having a greater depth of self knowledge and knowledge of others.

This workshop offers deep insights into the nature of astrology. The program will be defined by a practical and esoteric understanding of the means for personal development and spiritual transformation using astrology

Each of the 12 signs has specific strengths and challenges. The souls journey through this life is to experience this incarnation with a specific astrological configuration. Participants will understand the karmic implications of the influence of the Sun in their chart and the influence this has on their life journey and destiny.

The workshop will analyse the opportunity for evolution of each sign of the zodiac. This knowledge unlocks the potential each individual has to transform in this life developing a state of empowerment and experiencing the fruits of personal transformation and awakening.

Join us for an insightful 1-day worskhop combining seminars, meditations and group synergy.

No previous experience in astrology is necessary to attend this workshop.