Happy living - a holistic lifestyle workshop


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Saturday, 20 Feb 2016 to Saturday, 20 Feb 2016
9.30am - 5pm
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This innovative 1-day Brisbane yoga workshop is a unique fusion of yoga, meditation and personal development to increase your happiness and overall well-being. There will also be techniques and information to help assist with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Are you ready for real change? Do you truly value your emotional health? Is 2016 the year you will invest in your inner reality and make lasting changes? Would you like to live a life of greater harmony, fulfillment and meaning?

Then it is time for you to say yes to happy living!


Everyone seeks happiness. It is a universal drive of your life. Sometimes it seems to evaporate and you are left asking where did my joy go? What happened? This workshop honours this need to take the action and make the changes necessary for you to reconnect with your happiness. You then gain clarity of the direction of your life and make better choices that produce better outcomes that change your direction for a happier and more fulfilling journey through life. 

The workshop will consist of – 

• A gentle hatha yoga class.
• Guided meditations.
• A deeply rejuvenating relaxation.
• Discourses / exercises / discussions on key topics.

• A focus on the body-mind connection. We explore the relationship between your physiology and your psychology. An analysis on how you can use yoga to change your inner state and transform your inner world. 

• Discover the empowering practice of mindfulness and how it can change your life.

• The sublimation of energy and emotions. How to transform lower emotions such as apathy, helplessness, insecurity, depression and low self-esteem into more elevated and positive emotions such as self-confidence, courage, self-empowerment and dynamism. The power of transmutation.

• An exploration into lifestyle and diet and how they effect your mood. How to create genuine lasting change and develop the courage to take responsibility for your life.

• The power of the mind. Discover the power of suggestion and affirmations to change your mind and influence the untapped potential of your subconscious mind. 

• The role of neuroplasticity and the ability to change your brain and the way you think.

• Embracing your purpose. Discovering a life of fulfillment, meaning and inspiration.

• The power of the heart and living a joyful life. The way forward, creating a positive life each and everyday.  

• Discover our 8 essential keys to happiness.

The hatha yoga class is a gentle style of yoga that is accessable for everyone. No experience in yoga is necessary. All yoga equipment is supplied.

For bookings please email info@holisticyoga.net


To visit our webpage http://holisticyoga.net/event/happy-living-holistic-yoga-lifestyle-workshop


I came to this workshop unsure of myself, my own situation and little knowledge of the real contributors to emotional and physical well-being. By 3pm I had a full understanding of yoga, breathing and posture and a reassurance/guidance of how to heal and control my emotional states. Great courage for those who need a pick-me-up or guidance. Thank you. – Elle

A thoughtful and mind opening course. – Berna

it was fantastic to take time out of day to day life to reflect on tools of change to enable me t olive a life of happiness. I have realised I am responsible for my own happiness. Thank you. – Evette

Happy living is a practical one-day workshop that overviews meaningful happiness paths. The course was very enjoyable. – Renee

No matter the type of workshop, Holistic Yoga will give you insights you have never considered. Make the choice and look after yourself. – Kristy

This has helped me a great deal as I am at a transition phase in my life and your course couldn't have come at a better time for me. Thank you Anthony. – Angie

The day has given me the opportunity to step back and reevaluate what is important. Who is responsible for making changes "I AM". The yoga and meditation was uplifting and peaceful. – Shona

Thank you Anthony. Your deep thoughfulness about life was evident in your presentation. The workshop was a holistic expereince which allowed some introspection. and practical applications of yoga/meditation. A worthwhile way to sepnd the day. – Dale

Anthony is very open to new ideas and had some great ideas and techniques that I will take with me and help improve my quality of my life. I definitely encourage anybody to give one of his courses a go as he covers many spectrums and presents it in a simple way. – John


Included for $170

Includes manual