From shadow to light - the Enneagram workshop


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Newmarket, QLD, Australia
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Saturday, 16 May 2015 to Sunday, 17 May 2015

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The Enneagram is a powerful tool for increased self-awareness and personal development.

This is an advanced workshop and a deeper look into the Enneagram. Participants must have attended the awakening your inner potential workshop or know their type in the Enneagram.

This workshop will feature -

• A deeper journey into the 9 personality types.

• An examination of the 9 passions and their influence on the ego.

• A focus on the 9 different avenues for growth and inner awakening.

• Techniques to assist in the transfomring of the 9 passions into the 9 virtues.

• A detailed analysis of the subtypes - social, sexual and self-preservation. The relevance and significance of the subtypes.

• 9 ways to transform - your individual prescription for inner harmony.

• An exploration of the 'shadow'- what it is, how it works and techniques to become conscious of your shadow and how to bring this aspect of your being into the light of consciousness.

• A consideration of the role of the inner critic. What is the inner critic and ways to harmonise your relationship with your inner critic.

• Amplifying and awakening the depth of your consciousness and resonating with the light of your being.

The workshop will feature seminars, group discussions and exercises to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the Enneagram.

This workshop will deepen your understanding of the Enneagram and enable a deeper empathy to relate to and understand the motivations and behaviours of others.



It is incredible the transformation that learning about the Enneagram can bring. Like a room that has been closed and in the dark for years, once the door is opened and the light of awareness enters, the darkness disappears instantly. I have felt this power of the Enneagram in my own life and Anthony is exceptional at imparting this profound wisdom with clarity, humour and compassion. I highly recommend this workshop. – Holly

I loved this course. A wonderfully integrated weekend where I left with a deeper understanding of the Enneagram. Great presenter, great group, great location. A weekend well worth going to. Thanks! – Cherie

I would highly recommend the Enneagram shadow to light workshop. Anthony is a gifted teacher and facilitator of this amazing esoteric system for understanding oneself. If you are ready to take the steps toward personal transformation, this is for you. You won’t regret this opportunity to grow and expand your conscious awareness. Thank you. – Cathy

Anthony, a personal thank you once again for a beautiful enlightening workshop. The practical skills learnt have provided a deeper understanding and acceptance of my Enneagram type. You have a unique ability to deliver material in a way that is engaging and easily penetrable for such a potentially complex topic. You create workshops where it’s easy to feel accepted and welcome. Thanks! – Sheri

Understanding of the self brings acceptance grace and gratitude. – Helen

The Enneagram is a like a jump-start into spirituality no matter where you are in your journey of self-discovery, you’ll always learn something from checking-in with the Enneagram. – Miyuki

Working with the Enneagram lifted the veil of the driving factors behind my passions and virtues. – Kris

This workshop has been great for me, it has helped me to really see the impact I have on others in both a positive and negative way. The workshop has also provided me with practical techniques to harmonise those negative behaviours. – Reuben

I’ve studied psychology via degree and post graduate, yet had more insight into personalities through this course than any other. – Lisa

The Enneagram – from shadow to light has given me the opportunity to further my understanding of this amazing tool. Anthony presents this course in a practical and ‘down to earth’ way that makes the course content easy to engage with. – Renee

My heart is so open. – Keisha