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Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 to Thursday, 24 Mar 2016
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Holistic Yoga will host a fully residential yoga and meditation retreat during Easter 2016. The retreat will comprise powerful techniques such as mantra meditation, breath meditation and hatha yoga suitable for deepening your meditation experience.



The intention of this retreat is to provide the participants with an authentic and genuine atmosphere orientated towards the search for true inner peace and increased spiritual awareness.

Participants do not need any previous experience in meditation or yoga. Full instruction will be given. This is an ideal opportunity for those new to meditation to experience an in-depth retreat or those wanting to deepen their spiritual practice and enjoy 4 days of blissful silence and revel in the possibility of complete equanimity and stillness within.

The practice of the meditation techniques will be taught in a clear, technical and precise manner.



• An initiation into laya yoga, a powerful system of meditation using mantras.

• An initiation into a meditation technique from Kashmir Shaivism, which is one of the most elevated and least known esoteric disciplines.

• Complete and comprehensive instruction on all aspects of meditation and the practice of hatha yoga.

• Tantric meditation with the use of music to create higher states of consciousness and emotions connected to the higher chakras.

• An exceptional location to practice mediation and cultivate a state of harmony and deep inner peace.

• Daily hatha yoga sessions.

• The practice of mauna (silence) to help calm the mind and create a state of interiorisation and inner peace.

• Nightly discourses and lectures on various spiritual topics structured to create deeper insights and knowledge into a range of significant spiritual issues.

• Techniques from hatha yoga to amplify the mental concentration.

• The holistic understanding of the use of the creative potential and how this energy can be used to achieve deeper states of meditation.

• Techniques to still the mind using the control of the breath.

• Readings and poetry from self-realised masters designed to create a resonance with the wise ones.

• An atmosphere of love, aspiration and spiritual support to discover our true nature of who we really are and embark on the journey home.

• A delicious menu of nourishing vegetarian meals.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to reflect, contemplate and journey inwards. With the tranquil location of the Springbrook plateau at hand, sweeping views provide an amazing setting for your immersion into the world of meditation. Moreover, at an altitude of 600 meters, the mountain air will clear the head and sharpen the mind

Significantly, practical information on how to enjoy a successful retreat will be given. To make the retreat accessible to everyone, participants can sit on a chair and the sessions of meditation are always 50 minutes or less. The retreat itself is structured so that all participants will be able to partake in this spiritual event and experience the numerous benefits of meditation and yoga. Alternate sessions of hatha yoga and meditation combine to rejuvenate and stretch the body in preparation for meditation. This combination prepares the practitioner by activating and energising the seven chakras in order to deepen the experience of meditation.

The techniques used in this retreat are traditional yogic practices and can produce profound transformations . These techniques will generate increased awareness while awakening the spiritual potential of the practitioner. The use of energy based techniques and the channeling of this energy into the psychic energy centres known as chakras has the outcome that even beginners can attain effective results. The harnessing, control and conscious direction of these energies can produce states of pure consciousness, purification of the mind, mindfulness and lucidity.


Example of the daily program

7.00 meditation

8.00 breakfast

9.00 meditation

10.00 hatha yoga

11.30 Introduction to daily music meditation

11.45 music meditation

12.30 lunch

3.00 meditation

4.00 hatha yoga

5.00 meditation

6.00 dinner

7.00 evening discourse

9.00 tea

10.00 retire

Please note this is only an example. In the beginning the meditations will only last for 20 minutes and gradually increase as the participants become integrated into the practice of meditation. There is always a 5-10 minute break between meditations.



All meals during the retreat will be vegetarian including dairy products. Special meals for individuals requiring specific modifications to their diet cannot unfortunately be catered for. However, it is possible for individuals to bring the necessary food items that they require.

All yoga and meditation equipment will be supplied during the retreat. However, if participants need extra cushions or special equipment, they are advised to bring this extra equipment themselves. Please note that the period of silence commences on Friday morning and concludes on Monday at breakfast (3 full days).


Anthony is a knowledge leader, he has a greater mission, vision and power. If you haven’t heard about him, you will in the future. – James

Don’t come to this retreat and expect to leave unchanged. Thank you, I have had some long held beliefs challenged and changed. I completely enjoyed every moment. – Jo

I came here with an incredible anxious and overactive mind and am leaving a different person. I have a calmer mind and now know the tools to maintain this feeling at home. – Courtney.

This retreat was a life-changing experience for me. I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in spirituality and evolving. – Kat

My experience of this retreat had been phenomenal. I found it very challenging because of the huge personal growth and transformation that I experienced. I am overwhelming grateful to have been here. – Bernadette

I didn’t know what to expect having never done a retreat. I really just wanted time out for me but am leaving with so much more. – Flora

Silence and contemplation time is so often absent from our lives and this retreat provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with what is truly important – our soul.

– Liz

I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in developing their knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation. A life–changing experience for me. – Angela

I feel calmer, more present, happy, connected to myself and trusting in my journey and purpose. – Sandra

It has woken me up and reminded me to nurture my soul no matter what. It has helped me find a place of peace, which feels very empowering. – Bonnie

This has been the most spiritual Easter celebration of my life. – Marie

The combination of Anthony's knowledge and explanation of the spiritual pathways available to all of us with the beautiful surroundings and delicious food made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Anthony teaches in such a way that we all can combine a greater understanding of the divine within our daily lives. An unmissable experience. – April

The asana classes were amazing and complimented the meditation sessions. There was so much valuable information during the course. The location was perfect for aiding silence and peace of mind. The food was delicious and nutritious. – Treasa

I came here looking for answers and direction. I found my inner self, my own happiness without reason. It’s amazing what you can hear when you don’t speak.

– Danni

It’s hard work, it’s physically painful but when you break through the barrier you came here to break anyway, you feel like you can do anything. – Sue

Anthony and Nina have created a truly unique and inspired retreat. You will leave having a deeper connection with yourself and the universe. – Kavita

I came to the retreat with nothing to lose.

Attending the retreat in the hope that I would find someone to help me with the traumatic events of the past 24 months left my mind, body and soul ravaged full of self doubt depression, anxiety, confusion and diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), afraid to leave the house for days, weeks; afraid to answer the phone afraid of all people, afraid of life and everything in it.

With respect, constant support, encouragement in a safe and happy, positive environment, Nina and Anthony helped me to realize that what I was searching for was with me all the time. Showed me how to unlock my mind, heart, and soul. I now look at life with new eyes - new beginning - I can say I have left the old me behind. Only forward. Only positive. I gained so much more from this experience.?Thank you to Nina and Anthony. – Kelly

I feel happy and inspired to keep following the spiritual path. Thank you one million times. – Lil

The information provided was truly inspirational. We were given meditation techniques, yoga practice, spiritual quotes and visual aids. This retreat is highly recommended for people who want to walk on the spiritual path. It was truly amazing. – Janine

I found peace and purpose. – Michelle

Nina makes the best vegetarian food ever. – Ellen

The food was wonderful and the practices were led and explained well. All up, highly recommended for anyone looking for more meaning to life. – Ray

The retreat was a gift for myself to find inner peace, spiritual knowledge to clarify more my purpose in this life and to get a break from the outer world. Perfect Easter gift. – Daniel


For all of the details of the retreat please visit http://holisticyoga.net/event/easter-yoga-meditation-retreat-2016



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