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Saturday, 30 Apr 2016 to Sunday, 1 May 2016
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Is 2015 the time to make positive changes to your life and well-being?

The Enneagram is a practical and sophisticated system for personal development that embraces your unique strengths. The Enneagram provides perceptive insights into yourself and others, while offering useful techniques to harmonise your inner world.

Transform your self-defeating limitations into increased self-awareness and deep self-empowerment. Understand others and improve your relationships.

The Enneagram is a deeply transforming personality typing system based on the 9 fundamental personality types that provides profound insights into how you act, think and relate to others. Each of us embody one of the 9 personality types regardless of our age, occupation or belief system.

One of the amazing aspects of the Enneagram is that it offers 9 different paths for personal development that are unique to the attributes of your individual personality type.

Would you like to fast-track your way to enhanced confidence, self-acceptance and increased compassion for yourself and others?

Are you ready to stop banging your head and create a new balanced, peaceful and inspired way of living?

If you would like to learn more - attend the introductory seminar on the Enneagram.


Friday 1 April @7pm

Venue - Soul Space, 23 Parker St, Brisbane

Fee - $20




1. The typing process. Participants require no previous knowledge of the Enneagram. The journey of self-discovery begins as we journey through the process of discovering your personality type. This indicates your deep-seated patterns and ways that you can unconsciously create blockages and disharmony in your life.

2. You discover why you habitually react the way you do. In effect, this stage is about discovering WHY you do what you do. Once you discover the why of your patterns, you are able to make what is unconscious conscious. In this stage you learn to become a good self-observer, dissolving your limiting patterns.

3. Awakening your inner potential - the way forward. This stage is focused on your inner transfromation. We focus on tools and techniques to create inner harmony and improve your relationships and understanding with others.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. - Deepak Chopra

From understanding comes love. – Rumi

The Enneagram has brought the light of consciousness to many aspects of my personality and helped in understanding the personalities of loved ones. Very insightful and inspiring, it was lovely to be in a space that was nurturing and fun to discover and uncover deep aspects of ourselves.

– Cherie


• How to awaken your inner potential and shine your light

• How to cultivate your unique gifts to share with the world

• How to create more flow in your life

• A truly profound understanding about your inner world and deepest motives

• To connect with the deeper truths of your soul

• To discover how to harmonise your inner landscape

• Real techniques that are directly applicable to YOU

• How to develop greater understanding, empathy and compassion for others

• To discover where, why and how you create self-sabotage in your life

• How to transcend limitations, fears and negative lifestyle patterns


WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY 45 MINUTE COACHING SESSION WITH ANTHONY O'FLYNN - VALUED AT $100. A wonderful opportunity to clarify your type and gain clarity on the way forward for your journey into personal development wiht the Enneagram.




I had no prior knowledge of the Enneagram, and found that it has given me vital tools to better understand people, further enrich my life, and deepened my spiritual awareness. – Miyuki

A fantastic insight into myself and awakening a better understanding of how and why I operate the way I do. I appreciate every piece of knowledge you are able to offer and teach Anthony. I can’t thank you enough. – Dani

This learning has given me so much more self understanding. It's been like an anti-depressant pill! Knowing the areas I need to work on and the positive aspects of my personality as reflected in the Enneagram has made me feel a massive increase in self-love. Thank you for guiding me to these revelations. Hooray I'm not crazy, and horray I'm not the only one in the world that functions in these ways. – Kathryn

The Enneagram has allowed me to learn more about myself than anything else to do with personal development that I have encountered. It gave me a sense of relief on personal issues, giving structure for inner transformation. – Paul

The Enneagram course has been incredibly beneficial to my life in many practical ways. I have really enjoyed the authentic environment of acceptance and understanding of all of our differences. – Mikaela

The Enneagram course for me has been an amazing journey of self discovery. What I’ve learned will assist me in every area of my life in the future in how I relate to people and myself. – Jason

This course has been exactly what I needed for the next step in my evolution. It has brought the light of consciousness to many aspects of my personality and helped in understanding the personalities of loved ones. Very insightful and inspiring, it was lovely to be in a space that was nurturing and fun to discover and uncover deep aspects of ourselves. – Cherie

I would highly recommend the Enneagram course for anyone who would like to understand themselves and others. And anyone who is on a spiritual journey and struggles with their mind and motivations, the Enneagram has the ability to reveal profound truths. – Cathy

Being only in my early twenties and very new to the spiritual path, I have found this weekend to be absolutely phenomenal. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful to have found the Enneagram now that it will forever help me on my journey through life. – Cassey

I have a clearer understanding of who I am, what my needs are and have good tools to assist with my inner transformation. – James

This course has been truly insightful for me, it has given me a deeper understanding of myself and why I am the way I am and my unconscious patterns of behaviour. It was also great to get an insight of the other personality types and how they operate which for me has brought a greater understanding of and empathy for other people. – Reuben

This workshop was great as an introduction to the Enneagram. It provided clear information regarding the Enneagram and practical strategies to manage the Enneagram types. It was an engaging and enjoyable workshop. – Sioban

The Enneagram is a valuable workshop that provides participants a deeper understanding of themselves as well as others. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their awareness of themselves and others. – Renee

From my Enneagram teachings I have gained a greater understanding of the unconscious forces behind my behaviour and outlook on the world. I am excited by the prospects of this new found self-awareness. – Kris

I don’t want to say what my life would have been like without the ancient knowledge of the Enneagram, but it does make me wonder. It is very profound and I think this workshop has shown a reflection of myself, something I wouldn’t have believed possible. – Juliet

The Enneagram workshop provided clarity around why I behave how I do and the patterns in my behaviour. It has also provided a clear sense of what I can do to move forward in life. – Michelle

The two-day workshop massively enriched my knowledge about myself, the people that surround me at home, friends and the workplace. An easy and effective tool to use for all to benefit from. – Rasheed

This workshop was pleasantly practical while also interesting and rewarding. You don’t have to be interested in spirituality, philosophy or anything that may be considered alternative to get something out of this program. All you need is a desire to learn more about yourself and others. – Steph

This workshop gave me a greater understanding of myself and my traits, nice and not so nice and without judgment I can accept and allow me to be me and now choose how I can change the traits that are not so nice. – Paula

A gift. – Angie

I found this course to be an excellent start to my journey toward enlightenment. I feel as if I have just bought my first set of tools to help me build a new awareness. – David

Always great to learn and expand the awareness of the self. Thank you. – Helen

The Enneagram will provide you with a different understanding of yourself. It will surprise you. – Catherine

Included for $330