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Saturday, 19 Mar 2016 to Sunday, 20 Mar 2016

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Tantra regards the sexual energy as the principal energy of the human being. The use of the creative sexual potential is an ancient method to experience greater pleasure, personal transformation and an accelerated spiritual evolution. This workshop is an insightful introduction to erotic Tantra in an elevated and compassionate environment.

“There are methods that can start the energy moving upwards, and in the East, for at least ten thousand years, there has developed a special science, Tantra. There is no parallel in the West of such a science. For ten thousand years people have experimented with how sexual energy can become your spirituality, how your sexuality can become your spirituality. It is proved beyond doubt – thousands of people have gone through the transformation. Tantra seems to be the science that is, sooner or later, going to be accepted in the whole world…” – Osho


This is a wonderful workshop to attend as a 'single' or in a couple. If you are attending as a single, it will make no difference to your participation in the workshop or your understanding of Tantra.

Places are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Anthony O’Flynn and Nina Hansen have both walked the spiritual path for over 15 years. Their journey into the world of authentic Tantra has led them to attend workshops and courses across the globe including India, Thailand, Greece and Denmark.

Having returned to Australia in 2006 they began the process of establishing Holistic Yoga & Meditation, a genuine esoteric spiritual school embracing many of the great traditions with an obvious focus on yoga and Tantra

This workshop is a synthesis of these teachings, initiations and first hand practical experience.

Together they present the art of love, a workshop focusing on the erotic element of Tantric spirituality.

This workshop is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in enhancing their lovemaking whether they are single or in a relationship. The Tantric sexuality is widely regarded as a superior and far more pleasurable way of enjoying sexual intimacy.

Tantric practitioners consistently report a more satisfying sexual experience completely transcending the more conventional sexual methodology that is currently practiced by the majority of society. The Tantric experience allows a couple to convert sexual energy through the process of sublimation into superior emotional states including increased positive states of consciousness, greater empathy for your lover, increased clarity of mind and even profound states of spiritual bliss.

The art of love is a complete introduction to the methodology of Tantric sexuality. The workshop will be of a particularly practical nature addressing the core framework of the relevant issues of Tantra for both men and women.

Discover how to connect at a deeper level to your masculine or feminine essence and elevate your lovemaking to a higher level.

The workshop itself will consist of a combination of seminars, various exercises, discussions, meditations and a yoga practice all designed to help integrate the teachings of the fundamental principles of Tantra.



By attending the art of love workshop you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the following topics –

• The overall practice of erotic Tantra.

• How to master and control your sexual energy.

• How to increase erotic pleasure.

• Understand how to use sexual energy to accelerate your well being, health, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

• Learn the essence of sexual polarity and how to create and sustain sexual attraction. Connect at a deeper level with your masculine/ feminine energy.

• Understand the difference between men and women in lovemaking and relationships. Discover how to work with the different needs of the sexes.

• An understanding of relevant sexual health issues for men including methods to increase virility, prostate awareness, impotence and premature ejaculation.

• A number of practical techniques designed to help in the sublimation and transmutation process.

• An analysis of the different forms of orgasm and methods to facilitate this process with a specific focus on woman's orgasms.

• A specific hatha yoga practice relevant to erotic Tantra.

• An understanding of natural aphrodisiacs and how to use them.

• A transforming journey of self-discovery into the world of sacred sexuality.



Please note we make the commitment to teach this course with the highest integrity and maintain a high level of communication. There are no explicit presentations or nudity. Participants must be over 18 years of age.

The workshop is suitable both for singles and couples. The workshop is structured in a way that makes it irrelevant if participants attend as singles or in a couple.

This workshop is held over two full days.

The fee includes afternoon tea on both days and morning tea on the Sunday.



Doing the Tantra workshop with my husband was the best thing we have done for us. I recommend to any couple wanting to deepen/reconnect with themselves and their relationship – this is THE WORKSHOP. Over flowing gratitude to Nina & Anthony. – Paula

A radiant couple presented a wonderful insight into Tantra. It was refreshing to hear and learn from the male and female perspective. I leave enlightened. Thanks. – Mark

Both Anthony & Nina have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass onto all of us, whether it be learning how to love again, learn how each other’s polarity and the world around us affect us or learn to acquire a higher level of vibration, it is this and so much more that will certainly enrich your life and for those around you. We all need this knowledge! Highly recommended you do it, no hesitation. – Miriam

Another brilliant workshop about the fusion of love, sex and spirituality. It's truly a blessing to have Anthony and Nina deliver such timely and beautiful teachings about the art of love. Thank you with my deepest gratitude. – Lill

The art of love workshop was a great way to spend a weekend learning techniques to form a stronger and lasting bond with my husband.

– Courtney

Thoroughly recommend this course for interested beginners to Tantra. Not confronting, informative and affirming. – Lisa

There is a lot more to sex than what you think. Take time to learn about Tantric yoga and your sex life will change forever. – Maria

The best way to understand and enjoy couples counseling. – Andrew

Both Anthony & Nina are so real. I felt as though they had invited me into their lives. There was an honesty and integrity that permeated the entire two days. The material they provided reflected a deep knowledge of the topic and a passion for sharing it. I am profoundly grateful that I was able to attend, and if I lived in Australia, I would attend more of their offerings. – Yasmin

If you are looking for greater understanding of yourself, your partner and relationship and your play in the universe – this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to gain greater intimacy how to elaborate your uniqueness and accept yourself in a supportive and positive environment.

– Jennifer

This course was a beautiful introduction into the ancient spiritual practice of Tantra. Anthony and Nina provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment whilst presenting brilliant content in a fun manner. I'll remember this weekend as one full of laughs, amazing insights and many 'a-ha' moments, as I explored my relationship through the lens of Tantra. Thank you. – Cherie

This was really wholesome and not at all frightening like I thought it may be. – Sarah

Excellent course for those wanting to improve lovemaking and relationships. Presented in a non-invasive friendly environment. Felt very comfortable about matters that aren't easily discussible. – Paul

This course taught me so much more than how to have good sex. I have new skills in connection with others and a positive outlook for my future lovemaking and love giving and love receiving. – Sarah

Every couple should do this course. – Rachel

I hadn't attended any workshops like this previously, and was a bit apprehensive about how the information would be presented. I was very pleased to find the subject addressed in an extremely informative, professional way. I was also relieved that the others attending the workshop were nice, normal people and I didn't feel at all uncomfortable learning in this environment. – Anonymous

Expansive unlimited possibilities through sexual energy. – Stephanie

The enviroment Anthony and Nina created during the workshop was so warm and comfortable it was easy to become involved in discussions and feel free to talk about anything. – Sarah

Thank you, you really gave me a new insight into this crucial aspect of life. – Cathy

I discovered a more esoteric understanding of Tantra that is so much more than just sex. – Yaro

Tantra teaches the indiviual that lovemaking and connecting to pure love begins from within - long before you even hit the sheets. And that a healthy, loving, aware relationship with onself is just as important as a relationship with your significant other. – Miyuki

The content was handled very tactfully and caused no embarrassment or feelings of discomfort. Thanks, very professional. – Paul

I feel like I have been reborn and are in touch with my whole self. It feels amazing. Blessings. – Vickie

By understanding the female/male energies, the polarity and the way in which lovemaking can be, I guess now my goal is to develop that and best of all, try it out with some unsuspecting man. – Andrea

I am super grateful for this experience that has really enhanced my awareness of feminine and masculine energies and how to create love. – Dani

It was great to come into a workshop that was non-judgemental and non-confrontantional but still explained some very sensitive topics that are generally supressed in today's culture. It was safe. You guys were so welcoming and open. – Angela

Thank you for providing a spiritual framework for the experience of sexual energy. – Aimee

Tantric erotic yoga is not solely a journey into physical self and overall awareness, but a deeper more profound spiritual understanding of connectedness with life in all manifestation – fantastic! – Wayne

I found the weekend provided missing parts of a jigsaw puzzle on this topic. I now have a comprehensive foundation to continue giving and blossoming as a woman and in relationships. Thank you both. – Melissa

Very inspiring and awakening experience. Thank you. – Donna

Thank you Nina and Anthony. Very professional presentation on a sensitive topic. Great information. – Keeta

Opened my mind to the spirituality of sex. – Caitlin

Your workshop was very informative and done with the highest of intentions. I valued your honest and straightforward way of presenting and interacting. – Anonymous participant

Nina and Anthony are a great couple and presenters and made the whole workshop a must do for everyone. Thanks guys I look forward to getting into the Tantra and expanding my own relationship. – Dave

It provided me a more elevated transcendent perspective and understanding of man, woman and soul evolution through sexual relations. – Daniel

The essence of love and life fundamental to all existence was explained in realistic, practical terms. These are mandatory learnings of life. Thank you to the beautiful Nina and the dynamic Anthony. – Marie

An amazing weekend!!! Anthony and Nina conveyed the concepts of Tantra in a very loving and thoughtful way. I learnt so much about turning the act of love into a spiritual experience. It surpassed all expectations. – Reuben

Awesome presenters, valuable knowledge from experience. A new lease of life for me. – Catherine


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