2012 & the Mayan Calendar - Fact or Fiction?


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Friday, 7 Dec 2012

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As this date draws closer, the 21.12.2012 end-date of the long count of the Mayan calendar is generating increasing interest around the world.

Many claim this event will coincide with cataclysms while others believe a transformation of human consciousness will occur. Some skeptics claim that nothing at all will transpire.

This seminar will be held by Anthony O'Flynn a spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker who initially discovered the enigma of the Mayan calendar in 1998. He has had a life-long interest in prophecy, mysticism and the paranormal. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear him speak publically in depth on this fascinating topic and offer some of his own thoughts on the possible coming of a golden age of humanity.

This evening will examine the details of this prophetic calendar sorting fact from fiction. This seminar will provide clear details of the astronomy and prophecy of 2012, empowering you with the facts and insights into the Mayan calendar. This is also a great event to meet other like-minded people with a similar interest in this exceptional astronomical event.

There will also be a focus on the cycles of time of the Tantric tradition and a consideration between these two profound systems of recording time.

Many groups around the world claim that the turmoil we are now experiencing on Earth is due to the shifting of the ages. The evidence for this can be seen everywhere. Change is occurring at an accelerated pace. We are witnessing financial turmoil, natural disasters, social change and political upheaval. Such change produces challenges but also the opportunity for transformation. Are such events the prelude to an awakening of humanity and the birth pains of a more spiritual and elevated society?

By demystifying the facts of 2012, you will have a better understanding of the ‘big picture’ and leave with an informed overview minus the hysteria and hype of the enigma of 2012.

Following the seminar there will be a meditation to open anahata chakra, the heart chakra. No experience in meditation is necessary. Instruction will be given on the night. Many mystics believe that the power of the heart and the energy of love is an essential aspect of this transformation.

This truly insightful event will leave you in an inspired and empowered state.

For bookings info@holisticyoga.net or pay at the door in cash only on the evening.

Invest in your soul!