Breast Cancer and Yoga Workshop


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Friday, 14 Sep 2012 to Sunday, 16 Sep 2012

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Yoga and Breast Cancer – weekend workshop

Presented by: Annette Loudon

In this weekend workshop on Yoga and Breast Cancer, you will learn how Yoga can be used as a therapeutic tool to assist women with breast cancer from diagnosis, during treatment and in recovery with

Annette Loudon, Yoga therapist and breast cancer researcher. You will learn theory and practice including:

• the effect of breast cancer and its treatment - both primary and secondary;

• the theory of cancer and wellness according to yoga philosophy;

• research into the effects of yoga on women with breast cancer, physically, mentally and emotionally;

• the incidence, treatment and risks factors associated with breast cancer;

• types of treatment and its effects on women with primary and secondary breast cancer;

• what constitutes a holistic yoga practice, including yoga for illness and health;

• how yoga can be used for the body, the mind and the emotions at various stages of treatment and after treatment for both primary and secondary breast cancer;

• how to use yoga for women with secondary arm lymphoedema as a result of breast cancer treatment;

• how to modify postures;

• contra-indications for some treatments and variations that can be given;

• current research findings and trends in yoga for breast cancer

• Yoga practices for the body, the mind and the emotions

• Yoga practices to use during treatment, recovery and for specific problems

• how to work safely with women who have secondary arm lymphoedema arising from breast cancer treatment

Who Should attend:

This weekend workshop is both

• a teacher training course and is recognised by the AAYT (Australian Association of Yoga Therapists) plus gives CPD points for Yoga teachers. Click here for more information.

• a stand alone course for anyone interested in how Yoga can help women having or who have had treatment for breast cancer.

This workshop is for:

• Women who have / have had breast cancer and their carers

• Yoga teachers who wish to assist their students with breast cancer;

• Yoga therapists seeking to expand their knowledge;

• Medical doctors, health professionals and complementary therapists who want to use evidence-based, Yoga practices in their work;

• Other physical therapists

Please bring a Yoga mat if you have one. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Numbers are strictly limited.

“Annette is a wonderful presenter who conveyed a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge with exceptional clarity and depth. We each benefitted from Annette's yoga therapy for our own practices, as well as gaining skills and confidence in working with women with breast cancer, especially those with lymphoedema. More than that, we reached for our higher attributes of kindness, compassion and unconditional acceptance that make us therapists in all aspects of life.” Chandrika Gibson, Yoga teacher/therapist and naturopath

“Annette had so much to share with us and the wonderful blending of Western anatomy and physiology and yogic physiology and philosophy was absolutely inspiring. I was most inspired by her close and detailed knowledge of every individual client/student, their condition, life story and individualised yoga program. She is a legend.” Kathy Al-Kaisi, Yoga teacher for cancer patients