Rest and Restore Workshop


Map of Greenbank, Queensland
164 Teviot Rd, Greenbank, Queensland, 4124, Australia
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Saturday, 26 Sep 2015 to Saturday, 26 Sep 2015
$30 (early bird $25 paid by 12/9/15)
What does that include?

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Only 15 spaces available - don't miss out for this luxurious event.

Where: Greenbank Community Centre (Currong Rooms) - 145 Teviot Rd, Greenbank

When: Saturday 26th September 2015 from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Cost: $30 or early bird $25 if booked and paid by 12th September 2015. 

Duration: 1.5hrs
Give yourself the gift of relaxation and restoration with this deeply nourishing Rest and Restore Workshop.

During this workshop you will be guided through a series of Restorative Yoga Poses, Pranayama (breathing exercises) to help restore the nervous system and relax the body as well as a Yoga Nidra to assist in achieving the deepest possible state of relaxation which has been used to help people cope with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

No previous yoga experience necessary!

Suitable for anyone who needs to rest and recharge. Beneficial for any of the following:

Stress & anxiety management
Relaxes nervous system
Aids in recovery from surgery, injury or illness
Reduces feelings of overwhelm
A strategy in managing depression and anxiety-disorders
Energises and rejuvenates the body
Increases mobility for a healthy spine
Can help with back pain
Promotes fertility
Improves circulation of the blood, lymph and hormonal system
Management of menstrual pain and fatigue
Supports women’s hormonal changes
Helpful for students to reduce stress and increase focus
Assist in weight-loss
Relieves headaches and migraines
Some heart conditions
Promotes health of internal organs
Job stress
Balances the ‘energy’ in the body

Tickets are available now from Empower Yoga & Fitness. Just follow the link to book and pay online at

Otherwise contact Suzie Kellett of Empower Yoga & Fitness at or 0408020372 to reserve your space and purchase your ticket. 

Cost: $30 or early bird $25 if booked and paid by 12th September 2015. 

Duration: 1.5hrs

What to bring?

No need to bring anything but a drink of water and your body to be plugged in to relaxation and restored

Included for $30 (early bird $25 paid by 12/9/15)

Restorative Yoga Practice
Yoga Nidra
Pranayama (breath work)
Yoga Mats and Props supplied on the day

Schedule / Itinerary

Arrive 10 mins prior to sign in and get comfortable.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring along a bottle of water.  All props will be supplied on the day to make you super comfortable.