Prenatal Teacher Training


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The Mews, Bakehouse Lane, 9 George St, North Strathfield, NSW, 2137, Australia
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Thursday, 26 Nov 2015 to Saturday, 28 Nov 2015
$795 inc GST $695 Early Bird November 1st 2015
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This course is designed to enable students to become competent in teaching the principles of Yoga (including asana and pranayama) during pregnancy, for preparation of labour and birth and post-natal recovery. This 50-hour pre and post-natal teacher training course will cover in detail the following aspects

  • Anatomy and Physiology of women as it relates to pre and post natal.
  • Exploration of Yogic Physiology through the Chakras, Meridians and Koshas.
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle
  • Yoga practices for pregnancy and post natal.
  • Teaching Methodology and appropriate asana modifications.
  • Integrative Practice and supervised Teaching

This course will not only focus on the practical and theoretical aspects in becoming a pre and post-natal yoga instructor, it will also explore the feminine wisdom in pregnancy, birth and motherhood through the ancient practices of Yoga. This course, under the guidance of Kylie Hennessy, will help you to develop skills to create a nurturing environment and help you to build confidence in your instruction.

Learning Outcomes:
To understand the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy for the mother and baby and their changing needs physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually.

To know how to modify asana and pranayama during pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natally for a variety of common ailments.

To be competent to teach asana as well as pranayama safely and appropriately for pregnancy wellbeing, birth preparation and postnatal recovery including contraindications and modifications.

To be competent in teaching meditation and visualisation for pregnancy wellbeing, birth preparation and postnatal recovery.

To be confident in teaching yogic philosophy of the 8 limbs of Yoga applicable to pregnancy, postpartum and early motherhood.

To understand the dynamic value of both the Map of the Chakra’s and Kosha’s and how to utilize them to support women through the transitions from pregnancy through to early motherhood.

To understand an overview of the Chinese Five Element Theory, the Meridian System and the patterns that create some common ailments in pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period.
Understand the importance of a feminine approach to Yoga and Yoga teaching to

To be competent in structuring classes for Prenatal Yoga, Yoga For Birth preparation, Postnatal Yoga Classes and Mums & Bubs Classes.

To have the understanding and basic tools to nurture and support pregnant women by teaching them the practices of Yoga and caring for them within a class and as their Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

Included for $795 inc GST $695 Early Bird November 1st 2015

All instruction, course handbook and certificate of accomplishment.