Free Pelvic Floor Workshop


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Saturday, 28 Apr 2012
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Would you like to know how:

- Your pelvic floor works?

- You can keep it strong at any age?

- To ensure great bladder control?

- Childbirth affects it?

- Your pelvic organs stay in position?

- You can be sure you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly?


During this workshop, discover important facts about pelvic floor

health and understand better the needs of this often misunderstood and

neglected body part. Facilitated by a highly skilled exercise therapist,

this session is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.


This workshop is appropriate for all women of all ages. It is especially great for pregnancy and childbirth, post-natal recovery, those experiencing menopause, and anyone who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor, prevent future weakness and learn more about the heath of their pelvic floor.

Saturday 28th April


FREE (usually valued at $45)


Bookings necessary in order to confirm numbers and spaces available. Call or email us to register your interest:

9736 5885

For more information, visit, or contact Kathi on 8213 3123.

Included for FREE

No cost.