Hips and Hamstrings


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Sunday, 10 Jan 2016
9 - 11 am
$25 prepaid, $35 on the day

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Hips and Hamstrings

 One of the reasons people come to Yoga is that they want to work on their flexibility. Usually it’s their hips and hamstrings that need the most help, which isn’t too surprising given how much time people spend sitting.

Your hip flexor and hamstring muscles are one of the most important groups of muscles necessary for long term mobility, stability and safety of your lower body.  Healthy, conditioned and well-maintained hip flexors and hamstrings are also necessary for preventing hip, knee and lumbar issues.

When you have tight hamstrings, it is very likely to also have tight hip flexors.  Tight hip flexors can lead to anterior pelvic tilt.  This would result in either a slight lengthening of the hamstrings but not necessarily improved hamstring function.  Part of the hip flexors is the Psoas (pronounced "so-as) muscles as it is directly attached to each of the five spinal lumbar vertebrae.  Therefore it is very important to keep up regular attention to these very strong and large muscle groups.  


DATE: Sunday 10th January 

TIME:  9 - 11 am 

INVESTMENT: $25 prepaid or $35 on the day

VENUE: Clayfield Yoga Studio, Cnr Vine Street and Wagner Rd, Clayfield 


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