AcroYoga FUNdamentals
AcroYoga FUNdamentals


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Friday, 5 Feb 2016
12 - 7 pm

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The foundations of an AcroYoga Practice – The perfect taste tester of both the Acrobatic and Therapeutics practices

12 noon - 2 pm - Power and Potential

Learn tools to unlock power within yourself and each other. When people come together in a safe supported environment, the impossible becomes possible. Unleash your full potential by building trust and confidence through group connection and embody skills to build strength and flexibility.  

In the first session we build the fire with our Solar Asana sequence which incorporates the foundations of our Acrobatic practices. We then link together partner exercises to progressively strengthen, open and invert our bodies. We become both students and teachers as we help each other to excel. 

2:30 – 4:30 pm - Foundations of Flying  
Flying starts with the power of our minds’ ability to believe in the potential you have not yet realized. To change your mind is the gift of a student ready to abandon who they are, to see who they can become. The rest is simply the laws of physics; bone stacking, center of gravity, moving mindfully with breath, trusting, supporting and a big dose of playfulness. 

5 – 7 pm – Bringing Back the Balance

Going hard and fast all the time will eventually lead to burn out. This is where AcroYoga has intelligently combined therapeutic practices as an integral partner to the Acrobatics. Balancing Solar with Lunar practices helps to bring our body, mind, and spirit back to balance. Our evening session will be about nourishing and restoring with a gentle Lunar Asana sequence finishing off with a Thai Massage flow.  

About Tanya - 

Tanya has been a Yoga teacher since 2004, and was drawn to the connections and self realisations experienced through AcroYoga. Recognising this potential for self development, and also appreciating the friendships forged from trust and support. Tanya has been involved in Acro Yoga from the grass roots level. In 2008, Tanya was one of four Yoga instructors who first introduced Acro Yoga to Australia ,and during that process of become one of the country's first qualified AcroYoga teachers. 

Now a level two AcroYoga teacher, Tanya has thrived from this community based practice. She enjoys seeing students leave with a sense of empowerment and new found friends as AcroYoga brings people together to achieve things they initially thought was impossible.

Tanya continues to build communities of fun seekers through classes, workshops and festivals not only locally in Brisbane but also around Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Tanya has also had the privilege to share Acro Yoga at the Annual Yoga Teachers Conference in Sydney 2015.  


AcroYoga is a practice that attracts a community of adventure seekers who believe we stay young at heart from playing. Playing stimulates us physically and mentally, and those that play together grow together.AcroYoga is a blend of three enduring practices: yoga for flexibility of body and mind, acrobatics for agility and strength building and Thai Massage to balance the active and dynamic with nurturing therapy. This combination cultivates trust, connection and fun. Our ambition is to inspire individuals to realize their highest potential.


We value that together we go places that we cannot on our own...

The practice of AcroYoga is based on safe guidelines, so the art of 'spotting' is central to our classes and workshops. The spotter is the person who keeps each movement safe and supported. You will experience working in trios exchanging roles of a base, a flyer and a spotter.

Our classes and workshops are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. We gauge the room and then tailor the workshop experience to our participants, no two workshops will ever be alike.We playfully discover inversions, partner yoga and strengthening exercises as building blocks for the acrobatic practices. The practices of therapeutic flying and Thai massage are then used to ground and balance these high energy art forms. No partner is required but curiosity, playfulness and a childlike approach is recommended to get the most out of this practice.
Investment $150 or Earlybird $125 ( earlybird available till Jan 6th) PM to Book in

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday 6th February:

12 noon - 2 pm - Power and Potential - Solar Asana 

2:30 – 4:30 pm - Foundations of Flying 

5 – 7 pm – Bringing Back the Balance - Lunar Asana and Massage